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Presidential papers

Each presidential collection is different, but most have biographical materials and speeches. To locate materials, refer to the collection numbers below

Dr. Robert S. Hyer - SMU 1994.0203
Bishop Hiram Abiff Boaz - SMU 1995.0252
Dr. Charles C. Selecman - SMU 1995.0247
Dr. Umphrey Lee - SMU 1995.0248
Dr. Willis Tate - SMU 1995.0250 and SMU 1995.0250x
Dr. Paul Hardin - SMU 1995.0249
Dr. James H. Zumberge - SMU 1998.0326
Dr. L. Donald Shields - SMU 1995.0253
Dr. A. Kenneth Pye - SMU 1995.0251, SMU 2006.0381
Dr. R. Gerald Turner - SMU 1996.0274

Dr. Charles C.

Finding aids can be simple box listings to detailed online encoded archival materials. Check with the Archivist for access to these and other materials.

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