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DeGolyer Library is the home of the Book Club of Texas. Founded originally by Stanley Marcus in 1929, the Book Club is open to anyone with an interest in book collecting, the book arts, and Texas history and literature. Activities include a publication program and occasional meetings and lectures. Dues are $35 per year. Members receive first offers on new titles and reduced prices on the Book Club’s publications. For more information, contact the DeGolyer Library. To join the Book Club of Texas, fill out an application form and mail in your order.

Special sale while supplies last
Prices for many titles have been reduced. Some titles are almost sold out.

* Prices do not include Texas Sales Tax (8.25%) or postage & handling charges of $5.00. Please make checks payable to the DeGolyer Library, SMU.

The following titles were published by the Book Club of Texas and are available through the DeGolyer Library. The first price given is for members; the second price is for nonmembers. For information about the Club and its activities, please contact Pamalla Anderson at 214-768-0829 or

Gertrude Beasley, My First Thirty Years (Austin: W. Thomas Taylor, 1989). 550 copies printed. $30; $60.

Carolyn Osborn, The Grands (Austin: David Holman at Wind River Press, 1990). 400 copies printed. $25; $50.

Don Hampton Biggers, Buffalo Guns & Barbed Wire (Austin: W. Thomas Taylor, 1991). 260 copies printed. $50; $90.

John and William Wright, Recollections of Western Texas (Austin: Bradley Hutchinson, 1995). 300 copies printed. $65; $95.

Jack Jackson, Flags Along the Coast (Austin: David Holman, 1995). 350 copies printed. $175; $250.

Stephen Powers, Afoot and Alone: A Walk from Sea to Sea by the Southern Route (Glendale, Cal.:Peatrick Reagh, 1995). 350 copies printed. $50; $90.

A.C. Greene, Joy to the World (Austin: Digital Letterpress, 1995). 400 copies printed. $25; $45.

Jack Jackson, Shooting the Sun (Austin: David Holman, 1998). 325 copies printed. $325; $425.

Christine Gilbert, ed., G.T.T. Gone to Texas: Letters from Our Boys (1878-1889) (Austin: Jace Graf, 2000). 350 copies printed. $65; $100.

Len Ainsworth, ed., How They Learned about Texas. Selections from the Texan Rifle-Hunter, by "Captain Flack." Lubbock: Digital Letterpress, 2001. 270 copies printed. $65; $100.

Paula Mitchell Marks, ed. When Will the Weary War Be Over? The Civil War Letters of the Maverick Family of San Antonio. Dallas: Book Club of Texas, 2008. 235 p. Published in an edition of four hundred and fifty copies by the Book Club of Texas in October, 2008. Design and typesetting by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio, Austin, Texas. Printing by David Holman at Wind River Press, Austin. Binding by Don Hurst at Custom Bookbinders, Austin. $50

Collecting Texas: Essays on Texana Collectors and the Creation of Research Libraries Dallas: Book Club of Texas, 2010. Edited by Thomas H. Kreneck and Gerald D. Saxon, it is printed in an edition of 300 copies bound in full cloth plus 30 quarter-leather deluxe copies enclosed in slipcases. Design and typesetting by David Timmons. Printing by David Holman at Wind River Press, Austin. Cloth binding by Don Hurst at Custom Bookbinders, Austin. Prices for members of the Book Club: $75.00 (+ $6.19 Texas sales tax) for the full cloth version, and $175.00 (+ $14.44 Texas sales tax) for the deluxe.

Josefina Niggli, The Defeat of Grandfather Devil: From the Twelfth-Century Spanish Shepherds’ Play As Performed Yearly at Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. With illustrations by Artemio Rodriguez; edited and with an afterword by William M. Fisher. Dallas: The Book Club of Texas, 2010. This previously-unpublished play is based on Los Pastores, which has been performed at Christmastime for centuries in Mexico and the Southwestern United States. It follows the travails of a hermit and group of herders as they learn of the birth of the Holy Infant and travel to Bethlehem, all the while harried by the scheming Grandfather Devil. Niggli’s adaptation bears the hallmarks of her best playwriting, especially the humorous banter between the sexes.

The 40 page book measures 7 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide and is illustrated throughout with specially commissioned linocuts by noted Mexican artist and illustrator Artemio Rodriguez. It was designed and printed by Bradley Hutchinson at his letterpress printing offi ce in Austin, Texas. The typeface is Espinosa Nova with Espinosa Nova Rotunda, designed by Cristóbal Henestrosa and based on the types of Antonio de Espinosa, a printer active in Mexico City between 1551 and 1576. The paper is Hahnemühle Biblio. 350 copies were printed, 125 of which were bound in hard covers by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin. The balance was issued in wrappers or unbound sheets. If you are interested in unbound sheets for your own custom binding projects, please contact The Book Club. 25 sets of sheets were bound in semi-limp full vellum and housed in a drop-spine box by Craig Jensen and Gary McLerran at BookLab II in San Marcos, Texas. These special copies include an original print signed by the artist. The special copies should be ready by February of 2011.

Prices are $45 (wrappers), $75 (hardcover), and $365 (semi-limp full vellum in box with signed print). Texas residents please add 8.25% sales tax and $5 shipping for the first book and $1 for each additional book ordered. An editioned portfolio of 15 original signed prints used for illustrations in the book is available for $500.

Wilkie, Everett C. The 1861 Texas printings of the ordinance of secession, a declaration of the causes, and an address to the people of Texas : an illustrated descriptive printing history commemorating the sesquicentennial anniversary of their adoption and the secession of Texas from the United States of America Dallas: The Book Club of Texas, 2011. 240 copies printed. Two hundred and forty copies of this book were designed and printed by Bradley Hutchinson, $85. Forty copies were bound in quarter leather by Jace Graf, $175.

Image: [Cover] The Book Club of Texas by Stanley Marcus.
(Dallas, Tex. : DeGolyer Library, S.M.U., 1989).


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