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Hamon Arts Library

Hamon Arts Library

Current Exhibition

The Hawn Gallery is currently closed for renovations.

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Exhibition of Bywaters Special Collections Artwork at the Meadows Museum

H. O. Robertson: A Self-Taught Texas Regionalist

Location: Meadows Museum
Dates: November 9, 2014 to March 31, 2015


This exhibition of works by H. O. Robertson (1887-1970) celebrates their recent gift by his family to SMU.  The gift includes ten paintings and four cliché verre plates given to the Meadows Museum’s University Art Collection and nine drawings and ten lithographs to the Hamon Library’s Jerry Bywaters Special Collections.

A native of Marion, Illinois, Robertson resided in Dallas in the 1930s and 1940s and befriended many of the “Dallas Nine” artists, such as Jerry Bywaters, Otis Dozier, and Alexandre Hogue.  His compositions of rural farms and rundown buildings were likely inspired by his immediate surroundings yet, like many of his fellow regionalist artists, Robertson painted his subject matter in a manner that related it to a universal human condition felt nationally during the years of the Great Depression.

Examples from the Exhibition

Winter Dawn   Untitled [Austin Barbossa]   Sheep in March   Home on the River, Mississippi at Cairo  

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