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Bird of Paradise II, 3/97 Van Dyke, 12 3/8" x 13"

Photograms by Debra Fox

Mildred Hawn Exhibition Gallery

Hamon Arts Library -- January 21 - February 20, 1998

Please visit the Mildred Hawn Exhibition Gallery in the Hamon Arts Library to view the exhibit "Photograms by Debra Fox." 13 photograms by Debra Fox will be on view in the Hawn Gallery January 21 through February 20, 1998. According to Ms. Fox:

"Some of the earliest photographs were what we would now call 'photograms' - meaning that instead of a negative's being used to generate a photographic print, the subject of the photograph itself constitutes the 'negative.' Depending on the density of the particular plant, these prints can take anywhere from four days to six months to print and are one of a kind, since there is no negative involved."

This process involves placing flowers, leaves, and other natural forms on paper she has chemically treated; the paper is then exposed to light. With the addition of organic chemicals, Ms. Fox is able to obtain photographs, or photograms, that are unique in form and color.

Debra Fox works as a staff member in SMU's Division of Studio Art and recently had her work on view in the exhibition "Introductions: Five Contemporary Texas Photographers" at the Contemporary Art Center of Fort Worth.

For information regarding the exhibit please call Sam Ratcliffe (214/768-2303) or Ellen Buie Niewyk (214/768-1859).