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Christine Sanford

Devotion to Blue


March 31-May 2, 2008


Selected Images from the Devotion to Blue Exhibit


Artist’s Statement


My primary interest in painting is in the experimentation with endless nuances of color combination possibilities. I agree with the statement often made “color is feeling, color has emotional resonance.” I consider my paintings color meditations.

My ever-evolving style would be defined as pentimento—the traditional technique of layering color upon color through the use of glazes. I am concerned with achieving a sense of atmosphere and mystery. With my buried transparent colors I try to create depth, space, reflected or emerging light. Using all sorts of tools and brushes I am slowly establishing a painting language. I work to accept the lack of certainty and am eager to see what comes into play with each new painting. I believe in the notion of transcendence and spiritual possibilities while painting.


Above all I value my personal experience in the studio.


Christine Sanford

Devotion to Blue

Nantucket, MA



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