Leonard Stokes

Mildred Hawn Gallery

28 January - 15 March, 2008


Gallery Hours:   Monday – Friday 8am-5pm




Artist’s Statement





I invite viewers to eavesdrop on the conversations between and among the archival

digital prints and their paper collage ancestors. Whether composing by hand or,

currently, by means of the computer, I regard myself as a chef who cooks with

whatever is at hand - left-overs, essentially. This practice has been common

throughout the history of music (“sampling” is a recent manifestation), and arose

within the plastic arts with the advent of collage during the early years of the last

century. I endeavor to bring elements of disparate provenance together so that they

interact to form new worlds. Each fragment is an actor who auditions for a role

in a play that is being improvised during the tryout. No attempt has been made

to disguise my love of the ancient art of Italy - from Magna Graecia to il

Quattrocento. Viewers may also notice Asian influences. Ultimately, my concerns

are with the poetics of color, form, light and space. Each viewer (myself included)

is invited to create a narrative - once the image has been composed and presented

to the world...



LS  1. 18. 2008




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