Camilla Cowan

Drawn from Nature: Sketchbooks by Scott Winterrowd

February 20- May 13, Hawn Gallery

From February 20 through May 13, the Mildred Hawn Gallery Southern Methodist University's Hamon Arts Library will host "Drawn from Nature: Sketchbooks by Scott Winterrowd." For the past fifteen years, Dallas artist and museum educator Scott Winterrowd has sketched a wide variety of the landscapes in the American West, including California, New Mexico, Colorado, and the Big Bend region of Texas, working primarily in watercolor. The work of 19th Century American artist explorers, particularly Thomas Moran and Frederic Church, and their photographic contemporaries, Carleton Watkins, and Edweard Muybridge, along with that of contemporary photographers working in the Rephotographic Survey Project, sparked Winterrowd's interest in visiting sites documented over a century ago and considering their history and change in his own work. His interest in distilling the essence of the forms of the overwhelming scenery of the Big Bend was prompted by exposure to the artistic legacy of 20th century Dallas painters Jerry Bywaters and Otis Dozier, and Alexander Hogue.

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