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Are You Close Enough?

An immersive experience!
Exhibition: November 12 - December 13, 2013

Year of the Library

2013 is the Year of the Library at SMU. To celebrate, SMU Libraries are highlighting collections, resources, and places that are unique to our campus. As part of this, the Year of the Library Committee has put together a meta-exhibition examining the creation of the Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color after the Renaissance exhibition in the Hawn Gallery at the Hamon Arts Library.

Post Chiaroscuro

The Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color after the Renaissance exhibition features objects from Bywaters Special Collections at Hamon as well as a few on loan from the Sarah Campbell Blaffer Foundation in Houston. Samantha Robinson, M.A. student in Art History, is curating the exhibition with the help of Dr. Lisa Pon's undergraduate course, History of Western Printmaking, 1400-1750 (ARHS 3364). Together with the curator and their professor, the students are working to create descriptive content for the exhibition using library resources.

Are You Close Enough?

This meta-exhibition also utilizes advances in mobile technology to enhance the visitor experience. Using a tablet or smartphone with a barcode/QR code scanning app, visitors may scan the QR codes to access additional content such as videos, images, and SMU's digital collections. A screen at the event will show a sequence of images and video capturing the installation of the exhibition and the work of the students in preparing their portion of the content.

Take some time to look around this site and immerse yourself in the experience! See below for profiles of the key players in this project, and check out the FAQs. Use the navigation at the top of the page to get a journalistic view of the development and implementation from the perspective of the observers, and to move through the guided tour. Visitors can see an interview with the curator, hear class discussions about the objects in the exhibition, view the objects close up, and read actual responses from the students. We hope you enjoy!

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About the Exhibit

People Profiles

Dr. Lisa Pon

Dr. Pon is the instructor of History of Western Printmaking, 1400-1750. The student curated exhibition is a project of hers which she has implemented several times throughout her teaching. Her class participated in creating content for captions to be included in the exhibition.

Samantha Robinson

Ms. Robinson is a second year M.A. student in Art History. She is the student curator of Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color After the Renaissance. She has been involved in developing and installing the exhibition, as well as providing instruction and support for students of Dr. Pon's course.

ARHS Class

The students of ARHS 3364 are also participating in the exhibition as curators. Their assignment responses based on their reading and learning have become the content for the informational captions about the artifacts.

Lauren Allday, Class of 2016
Caroline Aston, Class of 2014
Collin Brown, Class of 2016
Liz Caramante, Class of 2015
Stephanie Davis, Class of 2014
Michael Deleon, Class of 2015
Lauren Murphy, Class of 2015
Belem Perez De La Fue, Class of 2015
Zewen Qu, Class of 2014
Madeline Ryder, Class of 2015

Sam Ratcliffe

Dr. Ratcliffe provided guidance to Dr. Pon and Ms. Robinson throughout the development and installation of the exhibition. He pulled together the artifacts from the Bywaters Special Collections that are featured in the exhibition.

Year of the Library graphic

Committee members Sara Outhier and Michelle Hahn have created much of the digital content for the Are You Close Enough? SMU Libraries as Learning Spaces meta-exhibition website and guided tour, and have spent a lot of time observing and photographing Dr. Pon, Ms. Robinson, and the History of Western Printmaking, 1400-1750 (ARHS 3364) students. Beth Andresen is responsible for the website development and design, and Tyeson Seale was instrumental in the creation of many of the visual elements included in the meta-exhibition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Meta- is a prefix used to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept. In this case, we use it to describe the concept of "an exhibition about an exhibition". The Are You Close Enough meta-exhibition is about the Post Chiaroscuro exhibition as it illustrates the use of SMU libraries by students and faculty at SMU.

QR, short for quick response, describes a type of barcode comprised of small square dots arranged in such a way that is meaningful to a barcode scanning device. The arrangement of dots both vertically and horizontally symbolizes tidbits of data such as web addresses.

If you have a smartphone or tablet with a built-in camera, you may download a free QR code scanning app such as Red Laser or Scan. Then, using the app, simply point your camera at the QR code. The app will recognize and read the code automatically. Be sure to hold the camera steady!

There are two facets of this exhibition: Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color After the Renaissance, an exhibition comprised of the artifacts and panels in the display cases and on the walls, and Are You Close Enough? SMU Libraries as Learning Spaces, a meta-exhibition encompassing the enhanced content found by using a mobile device or visiting the website.

For information about the content of the Post Chiaroscuro exhibition, visit the Hamon Arts Library Events & Exhibits page.

Visitors are encouraged to participate in the Are You Close Enough meta-exhibition using a smartphone or tablet in the gallery, or virtually via the website. The enhanced content provides a guided tour through the Post Chiaroscuro exhibition from the perspective of the students involved in the History of Western Printmaking, 1400-1750 (ARHS 3364) course. You will see and hear the questions they were asked as part of an assignment examining the artifacts, as well as their answers to the questions.

If you are visiting in person, you may begin by entering the Hawn Gallery. If you would like to follow the guided tour in order, start on the right side of the room and scan the first QR code you see near the first display case. Read through the bit of text with the same title as the QR code, and then watch the related video. Then, you may either scan the next code or scroll down on the website to continue the tour. Each stop on the tour is designed to be independent, so you may also view the tour out of order without missing anything.

If you are visiting virtually via the website, use the navigation at the top to read the journal and visit each part of the guided tour.

Flickr is an "online photo management and sharing application". We are using it to organize photos in sets by event or location. In this way, we are able to collocate images in ways that can be linked to specific parts of the meta-exhibition, or to provide a stream of all of the photos for a large-format digital display.

If you visit the Hawn Gallery in person, you will see highlights from the full collection of photos on a large, digital screen. To view the full collection, visit Are You Close Enough? on the web.

In relation to this exhibition, chiaroscuro refers to the technique of using a series of woodcut printing matrices to apply layers of different colors, resulting in a complete color print of an image. Post Chiaroscuro: Prints in Color After the Renaissance explores prints made with a variety of techniques inspired by the development of the chiaroscuro woodcut technique.