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New Document Delivery Service

Central University Libraries’ Interlibrary Loan (ILL) has added a new component to its comprehensive system – a document delivery service for faculty, staff and graduate students.

“The ILL system is a great resource that connects CUL to thousands of other libraries throughout the United States,” says Salomeh Sheridan, ILL librarian. “We just improved upon an already valuable system by adding a user-friendly delivery service component. From the users’ standpoint, it doesn’t matter whether or not we have an item in house: we check our collections first, and if CUL doesn’t own it, then we borrow it from other sources. The process is seamless.”

A key customer-focused change comes in the delivery of CUL-owned books, she says. Prior to launching the new service, when ILL received requests for CUL books, users were notified when items were available, but they had to retrieve the books themselves from the stacks. “Now, if we own the book, we pull it and place it on hold for pick up at the central service desk,” she says.

In addition, users can request CUL-owned book chapters or articles, which are scanned and sent to them via email, she says.

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