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Add or change Genre limiters to find more movies!

Let's say you want to watch a movie, but you don't know exactly what you want. So you decide to browse the "action" group..

Browsing by Genre

You see that you retrieved hundreds titles.

Hundreds of results

To refine your selection, click "more" in the Genre limiter on the left column. You may need to scroll down to see it. "Genre" terms are brief descriptions of what a movie is about.

If you do not see a column at the left, you may need to expand the filters so they are visible. You can do this by clicking on the filter icon to the left of the search at the top of the screen.

Genre List

By default, the genre terms are listed by alphabetical order. You can also sort them by rank so that the genre with the most films are listed first.

Sorting the genres.

Let's say you sorted by alphabetical order, as shown above. Notice two things:

  1. You initially selected "action", but there are two other action genre terms: "action and adventure films", and "action and adventure television programs". You may want to select those too, in order to browse through all the action films and TV shows.
  2. You initially selected "action", but after looking at all the available genre terms, you may change your mind. If at this point you want to browse the "animated films" instead, just de-select "action" and select "animated films" instead. It's that easy.

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