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Faculty Services


Schedule Library Instruction

The Central University Libraries provide group and individual instruction for students and faculty in research techniques, library resources, and emerging information technologies.

Designed to complement the instruction students receive in their classes, these hands-on library sessions help students succeed at university-level research and writing, teaching them the skills they need to be information savvy.

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Classroom instruction

Subject librarians will consult with the instructor and plan the classroom session to cover applicable concepts and materials.

Instruction sessions may include one or more of the following:

  • Using the library catalog
  • Constructing search strategies
  • Choosing research databases
  • Evaluating information resources

We prefer for sessions to be scheduled a minimum of two weeks in advance, and the instructor is expected to attend the session. Students should already be familiar with the assignment.

Schedule classroom instruction.

Meet with a librarian to plan assignments

Subject librarians will meet with faculty to help with personal research or to create effective library-based assignments. The objectives of this program are to make sure the SMU libraries have sufficient resources to meet the goals of the assignment and to determine if special instruction for the class is advisable. Appointments may be made by phone, email, or in person.

Meet your librarian.

Refer a student for a research consultation

A research consultation is an appointment by a student or a small group of students with a subject librarian who can help them. The biggest advantage of using this service is that it gives the librarian time to prepare prior to the appointment so that we can be more helpful.

A library research consultation may consist of assistance in:

  • Getting familiar with college-level research tools
  • Identifying resources relevant to a specific topic or research question
  • Becoming acquainted with SMU libraries and services

Please remember that it may take several working days to find a time that works for both you and the librarian.

Schedule a research consultation.