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How to Schedule a Meeting Room

General Policy

  1. Rooms may be reserved only by the specified user groups.
    • Some groups have priority over others.
    • Please respect the priority preferences.
  2. Reservations are made in Outlook.
  3. Additional technology and/or seating is available for some rooms, but you MUST request this in advance.
    • This is usually done with a help ticket.
  4. Food is not allowed, unless an exception is noted in the room description.

How to schedule a meeting through Microsoft Outlook (pdf)

Complete list of rooms with details (pdf)

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FLE 100: Research Consultation Office

FLE 108E

FLE 310: Conference Room

FLE 323: User Education

FLW 103B

FLW 103C

FLW 211: Texana Room

Hamon 1240: Hamon Hawn Conference Room

SIC 306A

SIC 315B: Informal Meeting Space

SIC 356A: Lunch Meeting Room

SIC 364: Auditorium (Furniture must be returned to neutral position upon completion of event.)

No match for this filter