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CUL Mentoring Program

The mission of the CUL Mentoring Program is to encourage the growth and development of CUL employees. The mentoring program will serve this mission by identifying and matching employees with mentors who can foster professional development, provide career guidance, facilitate the integration of the employee into the organization, promote organizational commitment and increase retention. 

GOAL #1: To foster professional development and provide career guidance.


1. Identify opportunities for professional development and continuing education.
2. Encourage participation in appropriate professional organizations.
3. Provide coaching in research and publishing endeavors.
4. Provide guidance for the establishment and achievement of short-term and long-term career goals.
5. Help prepare employee for evaluation and promotion processes.
6. Identify opportunities for job sculpting and job enrichment.
7. Recruit interested paraprofessionals into the library profession.
8. Develop good communication and leadership skills.

GOAL #2: To facilitate the integration of the employee into the organization and the university.

1. Share knowledge of organizational and university culture, operations, and administration.
2. Act as a liaison to key organizational departments, committees, groups and professional networks.
3. Facilitate interactions with colleagues beyond immediate working environment and across departments.
4. Supplement departmental orientation process for new employees.

GOAL #3: To promote organizational commitment and employee retention.

1. Provide emotional support and encouragement.
2. Provide an alternative line of communication for issues not comfortably brought to direct supervisor.
3. Act as a sounding board for new ideas and provide constructive criticism.
4. Develop strategies for managing organizational change.