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Ask a Librarian

Staff Resources

CUL Mentoring Program

What is mentoring?

Central University Libraries is committed to supporting the professional and personal growth and development of its staff.  Mentoring provides that support by offering the help and advice of a more experienced employee for a newer or less experienced employee.  The goal of a mentoring program is to increase employee satisfaction and retention and to facilitate the integration of the employee into the organization. 

Who can participate?

The CUL Mentoring Program is available to all CUL employees who desire to work with a mentor in order to enhance their professional growth and development. The program is administered under the direction of the CUL Human Resources Director in cooperation with the CUL Library Enrichment and Development Committee (LEAD).   Mentees are not restricted to work only with mentors from within their classification.  Library Specialists, for example, may be mentored by Librarians.  Participation in the program is optional.