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Wed 11/1 SMU Human Resources Fair, Hughes-Trigg Ballroom, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wed 11/1 Bridwell Judaica Lecture, Bridwell Library Blue Room, 7:30 pm. More Info.
Fri 11/3 Gallery Talk: "Diaries, Handmade Books and Other Ephemera by Linda Finnell," 6:00 pm, Hamon. More Info.
Tue 11/14 Director's Tea, Texana Room, DeGolyer Library, 3:00-3:30 pm
Thu. 11/16 LEAD Brown Bag: Emergency Procedures, Safety and Security, CMIT 100D, 12 noon - 1:00 pm.
Thu 11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday - Libraries Closed
Fri 11/24  - Sun 11/26 Thanksgiving Weekend - Limited Hours (Thanksgiving Holiday Hours)

Nuremberg Prosecutor to Speak at Bridwell
WHO: Former SMU Law Professor Whitney R. Harris, one of only two U.S.prosecutors at the Nuremberg trial still living today and author of  Tyranny on Trial: The Trial of the Major German War Criminals at the end of World War II at Nuremberg, Germany, 1945-1946.  WHAT: The topic of Harris' talk is "A World of Peace and Justice Under the Rule of Law: From Nuremberg to the International Criminal Court." He will be speaking as part of Bridwell's 7th Annual Judaica Lecture Series. WHEN: 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 1, in the Blue Room of Bridwell Library.

LEAD Brown Bag: Emergency Procedures, Safety & Security
Thursday November 16, 12 noon - 1 pm, CMIT 100D
A presentation by Mike Snellgrove (DPS) and Floyd Phelps (Physical Plant) on emergency procedures, personal safety and library security. Sponsored by the LEAD Committee.

Friends Reception and Gallery Talk
The Friends of the SMU Libraries is hosting a reception and Gallery Talk on Friday, November 3 at 6:00 p.m. in the Hamon Arts Library in conjuntion with the exhibit "Diaries, Handmade Books, and Other Ephmera by Linda Finnell (1948-1999)." Debora Hunter, SMU associate professor of Studio Art, Frances Bagley, artist, and Julie Cohn of 'Two Women Boxing' will talk about Linda and her works. This exhibit is a memoriam for the late artist and book designer Linda Finnell.  Ms. Finnell received her MFA in printmaiking and photography from SMU in 1978.  She exhibited widely through the 1980s.  In 1983, she co-founded with Julie Cohn 'Two Women Boxing' producing handmade bookbindings, presentation materials and portfolios.  Her creations were trendsetting in the stationary industry.

Also visit... "Sometimes My Hand has a Mind of its Own:  Photographs & Prints by Linda Finnell (1948-1999)" at the Pollock Gallery in SMU Hughes-Trigg Student Center.  Exhibit dates:  October 27-December 9, 2000

November Library Workshops
PONI Introduction, Instructor: Marcella Stark,  Wed. Nov. 1, 3:00 - 4:00 pm ,  FLE 323
OCLC First Search, Instructor:  Michelle Gonzales,  Thu. Nov. 2, 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm,   FLE 323
Engineering Information Online,  Instructor: Michelle Gonzales,  Tue. Nov. 7, 3:30 - 5:00 pm,   FLE 323
Effective Internet Searching,  Instructor: Bill Jenkins,  Tue. Nov. 14, 4:00 – 5:00 pm,  FLE 323
PONI Introduction, Instructor: Stephen Short,  Tue. Nov. 28, 3:00 - 4:00 pm, FLE 323
Registration for workshops is required. Please register online.

 A Well-Traveled Book (submitted by John Phinney)
When you first look at a black-folder covered book held together by two metal strips you at once think well, it will be fine sitting on the shelf, and when you see the title:  "A Technological Analysis of the Early Stages in the Manufacture of Lithic Artifacts," you know that in many libraries it would spend much of its life on the shelf.  But not at ISEM. Muto, as we call it, by Guy Rogers Muto, spends much of its time out of the library.  Muto has traveled extensively in the United States and Canada.  In the early 1980s Muto went out 12 times on ILL in the 9 month academic year.  He is still in great demand on ILL and we have both SMU and North Texas area users coming to use the volume as well.  Muto has been to the Smithsonain Institution, The Library of Congress, the American Museum of Natural History, and many Universities on the West Coast and a trip to Alaska.  I would guess the longest trip was to the British Museum Library for in house use.  I once turned down a request to send Muto to Poland but did send them photo- copies of the sections needed.  I guess it proves you do not need to be a best seller to travel a lot!

ISEM Library has just received a great gift from Guatemla.  The new 6 volume work HISTORIA GENERAL DE GUATEMALA covers the country from the prehispanic period to the present.  The work is in Spanish and has great color plates.  It is catalogued and in ISEM Library.  A second set will be placed in the Hedberg Library in the near future.

Libraries on the JumboTron
On Saturday, October 28, at the SMU vs. Nevada football game, the CUL JumboTron presentation premiered just two seconds before half time.  The video presentation was created by Rob Walker of CMIT and featured such SMU factoids as:  Who named the SMU football team "The Mustangs?"  Where was the first air conditioned library in the world?  Where can Metroplex businesses access a multi-million dollar research collection?  And Where can SMU students find online reference materials 24x7 to finish a term paper? -- the answers?  The next SMU home game is Saturday, November 11th.

Women's Foundation Reception to be Held at DeGolyer
On Nov. 13 the DeGolyer Library will host a reception celebrating the gift of papers documenting the formation of the Women's Foundation in Dallas.  In a brief ceremony Pat Rosenthal, President of the Women's Foundation Board, and Becky Sykes, Executive Director of the Women's Foundation, will place their organization's archives with the Archives of Women of the Southwest at DeGolyer Library.

Eileen Lemons will leave CUL on December 15 to join her retiring husband in a well-deserved rest after their daughter's wedding in March. Eileen began work at CUL on November 1, 1993 as the LS II split between Fondren Circulation and Documents.  From that position, Eileen transferred to Interlibrary Loan as LS for Lending.  In 1998, she became Administrative Coordinator of Public Services.  Eileen and Chuck will eventually relocate to Colorado Springs, CO.

Kris Murphy (CIP) was married on October 12th to Guy Reed.  Ringbearers were Kris’ two sons, Brandon and Ryan.  Kris and Guy took a short honeymoon trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Janet Allmon’s (CIP) daughter Stephanie (SMU grad 99) was editor in chief of the Daily Campus during her senior year.  She is continuing her interest in journalism as features writer for the Waco Tribune Herald covering medical issues, seniors, faith and values, and other topics. Stephanie was recently awarded the Media Award for 2000 by the Texas Society of Plastic Surgery for her stories on cellulite and cosmetic surgery.

At the annual meeting of the Texas Music Library Association on October 7, Bruce Evans (CIP) assumed the chairship of the organization at the meeting's conclusion.  He will hold this post for two years.

Nov. 3    Bruce Evans (CIP)
Nov. 3    Robert Eason (Hamon)
Nov. 5    Joel Eatmon (FLC)
Nov. 10  Nancy Rubenstein (CIP)
Nov. 12  Geailya Armour (CIP)
Nov. 14  Clare Lattimore (CIP)
Nov. 15  Bill Jenkins (FLC)
Nov. 17  Tammy Sherwood (CUL Office)
Nov. 20  Jan Buford (FLC-IIS)
Nov. 26  Eva Cernosek (CIP)
Nov. 27  David Aponte (Courier)

Fondren Library Center: Political Buttons and Inaugural Medallions
The Fondren Library Center catches the spirit of an election year by featuring memorabilia from past elections in its exhibit, "Political Buttons and Inaugural Medallions," recognizing the 75th anniversary of the Government Documents collection at SMU.  The exhibit highlights various elections, including buttons from the McKinley-Bryan race of 1896, one of the most exciting and interesting elections in U.S. history. The rare political buttons are on loan from Hervey Priddy, a Friend of the SMU Libraries. The exhibit is currently on display and will be up through December 1st.

Fondren Library Center: Millenium Books
The last two Millennium Books are on display during November and December.  Selections are:
    Robin Lovin, Dean of Perkins Theology, selected "Summa theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas"
    Valerie Hotchkiss, Director of Bridwell, selected "The Imitation of Christ," by Thomas à Kempis
These books will be on display in the two upright cases by the west doors.

Hamon Exhibit: Works by Linda Finnell
Works by Linda Finnell are displayed in the Mildred Hawn Gallery in the exhibit entitled "Diaries, Handmade Books, and Other Ephemera. The exhibit runs now through December 8, 2000 and features many of Ms. Finnell's personal journals and diaries.

Are Fondren West Stacks Haunted?
There's a possible "poltergeist" living in West stack level 5.  A stack of books about 5 feet high were found stacked in front of the stairwell on west stack 5, blocking the stairs.  We believe this poltergeist wishes to keep patrons out of his/her stack level area.


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