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9/4 Labor Day - University Holiday
9/5 Tour, Fondren Library Center Reference & Periodicals, 3:00 pm, FLC Lobby
9/7 Tour, Fondren Library Center Reference & Periodicals, 3:00 pm, FLC Lobby
9/15 "Governments at War" Lecture and Reception, 6:00 pm Meadows, O'Donnell Lecture Hall
9/25 CUL Annual Meeting, 10:00 am, Hughes-Trigg Forum
9/26 "Governments at War" Gallery Tour, 10:30-11:00 am, Hawn Gallery, Hamon Arts Library

FRIENDS PROGRAM: "Governments at War" Lecture and Reception
The first Friends of the Library program is "Governments at War: The Art of Communication" by Capt. Forrest Biard, followed by a reception for "Governments at War: The Art of Persuasion" curated by Steve Short.  All CUL staff members are invited to this program on September 15, at 6:00 PM in the O'Donnell Lecture Hall, Meadows School of the Arts with a reception to
follow in the Hawn Gallery, Hamon Arts Library.

LEAD EVENT: Gallery Tour of "Governments at War"
If you can't make it to the Friends program on Sept. 15, come to a gallery tour sponsored by the LEAD program. Stephen Short will give a gallery tour and talk from 10:30 to 11:00 am, Tuesday Sept. 26 in the Hawn Gallery, Hamon Arts Library. The collection on display is comprised of posters, documents, and ephemera from World War II.  The materials are part of the Central University Libraries' collection of World War II materials. On display are several posters produced by the British, Canadian, and United States governments. Two Czech resistance posters are also being displayed.  The exhibit commemorates the 75th anniversary of Southern Methodist University's U.S. depository library collection.

Library Workshops
The CUL User Education Department has put together a diverse selection of research workshop offerings for the Fall, and all classes are open to CUL staff. Special offerings this semester include programs on Art History, Political Science, Health & Medicine, Researching Companies and more. For descriptions of the workshops and an online registration form, please go to

FLC Reference & Periodicals Mergers are Complete - Come See Our New Look!
The LEAD committee has arranged for tours of the new Fondren Library Center Reference Department and Periodicals Reading Area. Everyone in FLC, both in Public Services and Technical Services, has worked very hard this summer to achieve a merger of collections and services which will make better use of staff resources and simplify the library for our users. We are very proud of our accomplishments and would like to showcase the new arrangements. Please join us for a tour lead by Marcella Stark, Head of FLC Reference, and Erika Ripley, FLC Periodicals Librarian. The tour will be offered at two times for your convenience; please meet in the FLC Lobby for one of the following tours.
    Tuesday 9/5, 3-3:30 pm
    Thursday 9/7, 3-3:30 pm

CUL Annual Meeting to Present Strategic Plan
The CUL annual meeting - to discuss the new strategic plan - will be held on Monday, September 25, 2000, at 10:00am in The Forum at Hughes Trigg. We will gather for refreshments and then move into the meeting around 10:15am. The strategic plan documents will be distributed prior to the meeting so that you will have the opportunity to read them ahead of time. Please come with your thoughts and questions. The CUSP group will be on the 'platform' and ready to answer your questions personally.

Introducing the New and Improved FLC Reference and Periodicals
Many of you are aware by now of the huge changes afoot this summer in Fondren Library Center. Well, the unification of Fondren and Science Reference and Periodicals departments is essentially complete, and we are proud to showcase the results of our efforts. Please join us for a tour of the new and improved and Reference and Periodicals areas. We are offering two tours, Tuesday  Sept. 5, 3:00-3:30 pm, and Thursday Sept 7., 3:00-3:30 pm. These tours will be lead by Marcella Stark, Head of Reference, and Erika Ripley, Periodicals Librarian.

Interlibrary Loan Goes Paperless!
On August 28, 2000 we installed the software for a new web-based interlibrary loan request tracking system called ILLiad (Inter Library Loan Internet Accessible Database). This software which was developed by Virginia Tech will automate the processing of interlibrary loan requests. Users will be able to place requests, check on the up-to-the-minute status of their requests, view a history of their previous requests, and receive delivery of most articles directly from our website.  ILLiad works with the OCLC interlibrary loan system and streamlines the ILL workflow.  It will also produce statistical reports about ILL activity which you will be able to access on the web.  This software purchase was made possible by a grant from the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board (TIFB), a state agency in Austin, Texas. Our test website will be  While we are in test phase, feel free to register yourself and take the new system for a spin.

ILL's Lending Operation goes Paperless with our New Face-Up Scanner
The TIFB grant also provided partial funding for a new Minolta 7000 face-up document scanner.  Now when we receive requests for journal articles from other libraries we don't have to photocopy them.  We just open the book on the scanner surface, scan the pages of the article, and send them electronically. Not only does this save trees but it also saves the library materials from the wear and tear of jamming them face down on a photocopy machine. Another advantage is that the scanning operation is quicker.

SMU Hosts Introduction to Voyager 2000 Acquisitions Module
On August 15th Endeavor gave a short presentation of Voyager 2000’s redesigned Acquisitions module for users in this area with SMU as the host institution.  Attending from SMU were Ellen Frost, Bridwell Library, Sue Wright, Underwood Law Library, and CUL was represented by  Kris Murphy, Geailya Armour, Maria Bellavance, Beth Farmer, Andy Maupin, Nancy Rubenstein, Cindy Ruppi, Kelly Sanderson  & Barbara Stockton.

In the Spotlight: Dawn Youngblood

The Science & Engineering Library is pleased to introduce Dawn Youngblood, our new map library specialist. Dawn fills the vacancy left by Lois Nickel's transfer into Fondren Government Documents. She will be staffing the map library from 9:30 am - 7:30 pm Monday through Thursday. Her email is, and her extension is x82285. 

Dawn is currently working on a Ph. D. in Archaeology here at SMU. She also has a B.A. in Journalism from UT-Austin. Dawn's research interest is Egyptian archaeology, and she is working with Professor Fred Wendorf. She has been on four digs in Egypt, two in a neolithic lake bed and two in the midpaleolithic Nile Valley. Her work has familiarized her with geology and maps, which will make her a wonderful resource in the map library.

Dawn has a husband, Edwin J., who is a Ft. Worth attorney, and two children, Christian and Eden. Christian is a sophomore here at SMU, and Eden is a sophomore in high school. Dawn and her family have lived in Ft. Worth for 10 years.

 Interview by Michelle Gonzales

In the Spotlight: Hillary Campbell 

 Hillary Campbell started working at the Hamon Arts Library on August 22 as the Hamon Administrative Assistant.  She is originally from Austin and is a graduate of Baylor where she majored in English and French.  While at Baylor, she also received her Secondary Teaching Certificate. 

After graduation, Hillary knew that she wanted to remain in Texas, and live in a large city where she had never lived before.  Since she had family in Austin and Houston, that left the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  In 1996, Hillary started teaching Honors English I at Sam Houston High School in Arlington.  However, she always knew that she really wanted to be working in academia.  After several years as a teacher, Hillary decided to start researching jobs in higher education.  One idea that came to the front was to try and become a librarian.  When Hillary was a very small child, she would ‘play’ library in her room with herself as the librarian and her stuffed animals as patrons.  Hillary would even admonish her toys when they failed to return books on time and give them a small fine (whether or not the fines were ever paid is most likely best left a mystery).  Once Hillary decided to get her Library Science degree, she enrolled in the Library Science program at UNT.  She then wanted to try and start getting some experience working in an academic library.  When she saw the Hamon Administrative Assistant position on the SMU website, she thought that that might be the just the right job.

Hillary’s hobbies include kick boxing, cross-stitch, reading, running, shopping, travel and camping.  She has been married for just over a year now to Stewart Campbell, a System Administrator with Mary Kaye Cosmetics.  On their first anniversary, Stewart gave her a miniature dachshund puppy named Sally who is now 12 weeks old. 

Hillary’s desk is located in the Hamon Office Suite.  She can be reached by phone at  8-4437 and her email address is

Interview by Brandon Pope

New Book by David Farmer
David Farmer's latest book, Willard Clark, Printer & Printmaker, will be published in September by Four-O Publishing at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene.  The story of Willard Clark (1909-1992) is an intriguing one.  An accomplished commercial printer in the 1930s, he created a typographic style that, along with his own woodcut illustrations, became closely identified with Santa Fe.  After closing his printing shop at the onset of World War II, he spent over thirty years as a master tool and die machinist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Upon retirement from LANL in 1979, he unpacked his engraving tools, bought a small proof press, and produced a body of prints that are now keenly sought by collectors for their artistry and precision of technique.

Willard Clark, Printer & Printmaker is illustrated with many color plates that have been printed at Steinhour Press in Vermont.  The  text has been printed by Bradley Hutchinson at Letterpress, Inc. in Austin.  Four-O Publishing will issue softbound and hardbound copies of the book in time for the opening of an exhibition at the Grace Museum in Abilene on September 7th. In January the show will travel to the Hawn Gallery in the Hamon Fine Arts Library at SMU.

Article by Joseph Milazzo in Dallas Morning News
Joseph Milazzo wrote an article for the Dallas Morning News that ran on Sunday, Aug. 27, on page 8J of the "Sunday Reader" section, in "Books." The article, entitled "Electronic sites opening exciting doors to readers," focuses on electronic publishing. This column (and Joe's role as "columnist") will be a semi-regular feature of the "Books" section. You can read the article at

FLC Circulation Staff Changes
Lisa Kozlowski's last day in FLC Circulation was Friday, August 18.  She is awaiting the birth of her first child.  Her position as reserves manager is being taken by Ding-Po Chang, who introduces himself as follows:
In the Spotlight: Ding-Po Chang

My name is Ding-Po Chang, the new Reserve librarian. I came from Taiwan. I got my bachelor degree in Library and Information Science, Fu-Jen University (Taipei, Taiwan) in 1976. I have worked in libraries for 21 years: 6 years in Chung-Shang Institute of Science and Technology, 6 years in Synchrotron Radiation Research Center and Taipei Municipal Library is the last library I worked for before I came to the U.S. I have a family of 4 people: I, my wife and two sons. My sons are now in high school (one 11th grader and the other 10th grader). I enjoy the support and friendship of my colleague here and I'd like to contribute my knowledge and experiences to the Fondren Library.

Ding-Po can be reached in FLC Circulation at x81462, and his email is

September Birthdays
02-Sep Regina St. John, CIP
06-Sep Janet Allmon, CIP
06-Sep Kay Bost, DeGolyer
07-Sep John Milazzo, CIP
08-Sep Amy Turner, FLC Reference
08-Sep Hank Young, FLC Reference
15-Sep Claudia Cruz, FLC ILL
15-Sep Terre Heydari, CIP
20-Sep Clayton Crenshaw, Hamon
23-Sep Margaret Dew, CMIT
28-Sep Angela Kull, CIP

"Governments at War:  The Art of Persuasion in World War II"
Hawn Gallery Exhibit, Hamon Arts Library
September 11 to October 20, 2000

Stephen Short, FLC Government Information Librarian, is curating the next exhibit in the Hamon Arts Library. The collection on display is comprised of posters, documents, and ephemera from World War II.  The materials are part of the Central University Libraries' collection of World War II materials. On display are several posters produced by the British, Canadian, and United States governments. Two Czech resistance posters are also being displayed.  The exhibit commemorates the 75th anniversary of Southern Methodist University's U.S. depository library collection.  Since 1925, the Central University Libraries
have provided the SMU campus and members of the local community with free access to government documents.

"Gutenberg:  Man of the Millennium"
The Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Galleries, Bridwell Library
September 21 to December 21, 2000, Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5 pm.

This Fall Bridwell Library of Southern Methodist University will present an exhibition celebrating the man who was arguably the most influential individual of the past millennium -- the inventor of printing with moveable type, Johannes Gutenberg.  The exhibition will feature Bridwell Library's collection of thirty-three leaves from what is certainly the most important
book of the millennium, the famous "Gutenberg Bible."

Johannes Gutenberg (c. 1400-1468) is widely credited with the invention of printing, a technological achievement that changed for all time the way we communicate our knowledge, ideas, and beliefs.  Living in a world where people could communicate only as far as their voices could carry, or as fast as their hands could write, Gutenberg introduced the process by which
interchangeable metal type and the printing press were combined to multiply books with revolutionary volume, efficiency, and speed.

Gutenberg's Bible, printed in Mainz circa 1452-1455, was the first book printed on a press with movable metal type, and therefore it generally is regarded as the single most important book in the history of Western civilization.  It introduced something entirely revolutionary:  for the first time, hundreds of readers across Europe could read identical well-edited copies of the Latin "Vulgate" Bible.  The book itself had enormous influence, but even more important was its demonstration of the
unlimited potential of the press to print all kinds of texts.  Among the first to realize this was Martin Luther, whose reforms could not have occurred without the widespread exposure given to his writings by the presses in Wittenberg.  Moreover, the sudden availability of accurate religious, scientific, and literary texts sparked an unprecedented expansion in learning, literacy, and the exchange (and the clash) of ideas. It is incontrovertible that the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the rise of Modernity each were made possible by Gutenberg's invention.  He was indeed the most influential man of the past millennium.

Bridwell Library is one of only fifty institutions in the world that owns significant portions of Gutenberg's original printing:  thirty-three leaves preserved from three Gutenberg Bibles.  Although these naturally will form the center-piece of the exhibition, more than seventy additional items (including thirty rare books and manuscripts from Gutenberg's century) will provide a survey of Gutenberg's immense legacy.  Their themes include the historic transition from manuscript to printed texts, the early spread of the printing technology, the cultural and spiritual impact of the press, the controversies that still surround the identity of the first printer, histories of some of the forty-eight surviving Gutenberg Bibles, as well as a collection of commemorative "Gutenbergiana."

The exhibition is free and open to the public Mon- Fri, 8:30 am - 5 pm (  Guided tours may be arranged for church and school groups by calling the Special Collections Curators, Dr. Eric White or Ellen Herron, at (214) 768-3440.

"Sacred Space: Man and the Divine in Mexico, Central America, and the Southwestern United States"
Hall of State, Texas State Fairground, Dallas
September 2 to November 19

An exhibition of more than 200 color photographs, many of them mural size, by Dallas photographer Carolyn Brown. The photographs depict sacred sites and traditions that span 4000 years in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Southwestern United States. The exhibition is sponsored by Dedman College's Institute for the Study of Earth and Man in collaboration with the Dallas Museum of Natural History and the Mexican Institute for International Cooperation.

Spotlight on the Clements Center for Southwest Studies
John Phinney of ISEM is preparing an exhibit for the Fondren Library Center display case to spotlight the Clements Center for Southwest Studies. The Center is a facility for teaching, research and scholarship in Southwest Studies, and is supported by the SMU libraries, especially the collections of the DeGolyer Library and the SMU-IN-TAOS program at the Fort Burgwin Research Center. The display will be up from early September through mid-October. For more information on the Center please visit their web site at

Books of the Millenium
The September and October book selections for the "Books of the Millennium" exhibit are also now on view in Fondren Library Center.  Carole Brandt, Dean, Meadows School of the Arts, and Jasper Neel, Dean, Dedman College have both selected books they felt were the most influential in their respective fields.  Dean Brandt selected "The Complete Pelican Shakespeare" (edited by Alfred Harbage), and Dean Neel selected "1623 First Folio of Shakespeare's Plays" (edited by John Heminge and Henry Condell).  A statement from each Dean accompanies the selected books.

Focus on the Tate Lecture Series
Another small exhibit in Fondren Library near the Reference Desk, highlights the Tate Lecture Series and focuses on the most recent Tate Lecture, the first being on Thursday, September 14th.  Books, relevant to the current lecture featuring David Gergen as moderator with Bill Kristol and Bill Moyers as panelists, have been pulled and placed on a shelf for people to browse and/or checkout.  The books on display will change with the calendar as a new lecture is featured.

In the welcome back issue of the Daily Campus Marcella Stark, Head of Reference in Fondren Library Center, was identified as a student assistant! Read the full article on  FLC Reference & Periodicals reorganization for even more amusement... (see "Reorganization makes library searching easier," page 8, Thu. Aug. 24)

Beth Farmer of CIP reports: "On the first day of classes this semester, I stepped out of the elevator on the third floor and encountered a new student with a backpack and a bewildered expression.  I asked if I could help him.  'Well,' he said, 'on which floor do you have literature?' "

This library humor link was submitted by Lise Jue:


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