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FLC's Fall Break schedule is as follows:

    Friday, October 12--8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Saturday, October 13--1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Sunday, October 14--CLOSED
    Monday, October 15--8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The October Director's Tea will take place Friday, October 26th at 3:00.  Place to be announced.


Bill Dworaczyk is accepting applications for CUL's mentoring program.  For those of you who are interested in participating either as mentors or mentees, you can get the forms by contacting Bill at 

From the Director:  In response to last month's tragic events, as its gift to the community, the Central University Libraries will be sponsoring a commemorative book-plating program to honor those near and dear to the SMU community who have been affected. If you, or someone you know, has a family member or a friend you  would like to honor in this way, please let us know. We will be designing a special bookplate which will be engraved with the name of the person being memorialized. Books will be selected from a range of appropriate subject areas. Cataloging records will be tagged so that there will be a permanent record in the SMU PONI catalog.  These books will stand as reminders for students, faculty and staff down the ages, of lives given and dreams lost in the name of freedom, democracy and everlasting peace.  For more information, or to submit the name of the person you wish to honor, please call or email Amy Carver, CUL development Officer, at (214) 768-1939, <>  Gillian M. McCombs

To the SMU Community from SMU's Dean of Students, Michael Hogan:  In response to last month's tragic events, many have inquired about on-campus activities in which students, faculty and staff may participate. 

- BLOOD DRIVES - Two Upcoming Opportunities :  Friday, October 5 - 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM, Promenade Rooms A/B, Hughes-Trigg Student Center Lower Level, Sponsored by - Student Senate, Student Bar Assoc., Intellectual Property Organization, and the SMU, Law Review Association

October 23-25 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day, Look for two vans near the flagpole.  NOTE: This collection is in conjunction with Homecoming Week - organizations can earn spirit points during this three-day blood drive.  Sponsored by - Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity For more information call Dina Elmazi, 214-768-4276, or send e-mail to

SMU-RMEHS will be offering a fire extinguisher training class on Friday, October 19, 2001, at 900 a.m., in the Dawson Service Center conference Room (#125).  The class is two hours long and will consist of oth classroom instruction and hands-on training in the use of a fire extinguisher on a controlled fire.  There is no charge for this class, but class size is limited to 25 participants and classes fill up quickly.  If you are interested in attending this training class, contact Floyd Phelps, SMU Fire Safety Coordinator, at ext. 8-3790.  The training is open to all SMU faculty and staff.

Staff LoungeLisa Wall and Cynthia Standfield did record time in cleaning the CUL Staff Lounge and Kitchen! Only 40 minutes! They deserve a very special "Thank You".  There is no name signed up for helping at the end of November. Any willing?  Maria I. Bellavance


Melanie Golder reports the following good news:  Princeton Review surveys "thousands of college students to get the inside word about what's going on at the nation's top 331 colleges" SMU students surveyed gave SMU high marks for "Great Libraries." SMU ranked #14 in the category of Great Libraries. See Administration: Great Libraries at 

Erika Ripley reports that CNN International has borrowed some maps of Afghanistan from the Map Library collection. The CIA-generated maps included one of current borders and ethnic groups, a detailed topographic map, and a general road map.

Report on Fort Burgwin Library activities for the summer of 2001.  The library, staffed by librarians for more than six weeks during Summer 2001, reports increases in collections and use and favorable responses from users. 

    More than 500 books and 250 issues of journals were added this year.   The librarians who staffed the Fort Library (Sellers in May Term and early Summer I and Baker in August Term) recorded substantial increases in use over last year--more than 225 books checked out, approximately 350 used in the room, and approximately 50 items from the FBL collection placed on Reserve.  They conducted user education sessions and assisted students and faculty in conducting research and locating resources in the Library and on the Internet.

     In May and August terms, the SMU-in-Taos program offers research related courses whose students are likely to use library resources.  FBL is not staffed during Summer I and II, terms that offer studio classes and non-credit courses that do not incorporate library research into their curricula.

     A survey of students and faculty in May and August regarding use and level of satisfaction with the Fort collections was encouraging and provided helpful suggestions.  The survey asked participants to rank collections and services based on a four-point scale representing the percentage of the time that their information needs were met.  From students, staff assistance and local and regional information resources each received an average ranking of 3.6, with collections receiving slightly lower averages of 3.3 for books and 3.0 for journals.  The survey returns represented approximately 47% of all students enrolled.  Almost 40% of the total enrollment used the library at least once during the term.  Faculty ranked the categories of staff assistance, local and regional information and PONI-Taos at 4 and the book collection only a bit lower (3.9). 

     For the first time in 2001, SMU's Ph.D. students in history participated in a five-day  workshop at Fort Burgwin in early June.  Workshop leader Dr. John L. Kessell, UNM professor emeritus, and seminar guest, noted New Mexico historian Marc Simmons, signed their books for the Fort Burgwin Library.  Another special guest was John Carson, great-great grandson of Kit Carson. 

     Limited Internet service at the Fort again presented problems for everyone, but the SMU-in-Taos administrators hope for major improvements by Summer 2002.  An upgrade in service planned for 2001 was delayed because the ISP was unable to deliver the services promised.  Expansion of online library resources depends on the availability of additional lines to the Fort location.   


From the Director:  Colleagues - the inevitable has happened. Our beloved friend and colleague Tammy Sherwood will be leaving us for greener pastures in the School of Engineering. As of October 8th, Tammy will be working as an administrative coordinator in one of the new Engineering Departments. I know that you will, with me, want to wish Tammy the best of luck in her new job, but also be sad to lose 'one of our own!'

We will be posting the job description next week some time, however, the hiring process is not the speediest and it will be a while before we have someone else to handle all of Tammy's many responsibilities. I ask for your patience during this time of transition. Some of you will indubitably be asked to help out on occasion, and I thank you ahead of time for being willing to take on these extra tasks to keep the CUL administration afloat. Gillian

Please reserve next Friday, October 5th from 10:00-11:00 am for our farewell party for Tammy Sherwood. It will be held in CIP and presentations will be around 10:30 am. This will actually be Tammy's last day in CUL so let's all give her a wonderful sendoff. See you there!  Kris Reed and Sherilyn Bird for the Executive Committee

Dave Schmidt has been cast in the role of Dale Harding in the Irving Community Theater's production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. The production will run from November 2 through November 17 and will be presented on the stage of the Dupree Theater of the Irving Arts Center. Ticket information is available at 972-252-ARTS. For more information go to

The Hamon Library would like to welcome Jenny Finch, a UNT graduate student. Jenny will graduate soon with her degree in Library Science and is completing her practicuum with us. She is working with Robert Eason on inventorying the G. William Jones Film and Video Collection.

Ellen Buie Niewyk has been appointed reporter for the North Texas area for the Southwestern Archivists newsletter, a publication of the Society of Southwest Archivists.

Sam Ratcliffe has been invited to serve on the SMU Press board.

Ellen Buie Niewyk and Sam Ratcliffe were on the planning committee for a three-year series of annual exhibitions at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary gallery showcasing Texas art. The first of these three exhibitions, "Symphony of Shade and Light: Frank Reaugh and His Students," runs through Oct. 21. The Sep-Oct issue of American Art Review features a very nice article on the exhibition, as does the October issue of Texas Monthly.


Sunday, October 7--Judy Searles, Friends of the Library

Thursday, October 18--Gillian McCombs, CUL Director

Saturday, October 20--Bill Dworaczyk, CMIT


John Phinney as installed two exhibits in the cases at the entrance of Heroy Hall (going into ISEM) that exhibit the works of Dr. Fred Wendorf and Dr. Lewis Binford, SMU's two elected members of the National Academy of Sciences. 

FLC's exhibit on the Pioneers of Aviation will remain up through October 15th, after which an exhibit on SMU Homecoming will be installed, to run October 16th through November 9th.

Continuing at the Hawn Gallery, Hamon Library, an exhibit of nearly 40 bindings designed and completed by the late Dallas bookbinder Dorothy Jean Krall Westapher, which will remain on exhibit through December 14, 2001, in the Hawn Gallery at the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Gallery hours are: Monday-Saturday: 9am - 5pm and Sunday: 1pm - 5pm. For holiday hours, including during SMU’s fall break (October 13-16), please call 214-768-2894. 

The exhibit, titled “Dorothy Westapher: Dallas Bookbinder,” showcases the broad range of bindings completed by Mrs. Westapher during nearly three decades as a bookbinder. Mrs. Westapher became enthralled with binding books during a chance visit to a bookbindery in 1970. She began studying with fine binders in the 1970s and also studied with distinguished binder Hugo Peller of Switzerland in 1985. Mrs. Westapher assumed the teaching duties of her mentor in 1976 and continued teaching until shortly before her death in 1999.


OK, maybe more weird than light, but it's been a tough month.  From the home page of the 'Lectric Law Library:

"Like a pack of hungry piranhas stalking the frozen Serengeti tundra's redwood forests for their next feral poodle brunch, our staff of 379 legal information experts -- neutered drones, raised on a diet of Nixon speeches, Perry Mason reruns, Alan Dershkowitz commentaries & Scalia opinions since being snatched from their mothers within minutes of birth and genetically altered to unstintingly obey the benevolent musings and tyrannical rants of our universally beloved Head Librarian Ralf -- sit chained to computers 22 hrs a day at our majestic Isles of Langerhans Command Complex, traversing cyberspace, from its lofty, perfumed corridors of power to its dank, fetid dungeons, searching for any legal material the Library's beloved patrons may desire, a sampling of which we are pleased to present below."

Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University

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