August-September 2001

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The combined Annual Meeting/Director's Tea will be on Tuesday, September 25th in ISEM's seminar room, #153 Heroy, at 10:00 a.m.



    Reduce             Re-use         Recycle

Dean Ames, manager of the Services Group of Plant Operations and Maintenance, spoke the August 20th LEAD program and updated us on recycling opportunities at SMU. Below is an edited version of the handout prepared by the CUL Recycling AdHoc Group, entitled "What Do We Recycle? And Where?"

A trial mixed-paper recycling program began at CUL this month.  While this venture won't generate money, it will provide Dean Ames with the means to assess the potential success of a large-scale mixed-paper recycling program.  Please remember that no food or non-recyclable trash should go into any recycling bin; it decreases the amount of useable paper, and could hamper our efforts to receive payment for our recycling efforts.  Recycling aluminum cans and cardboard currently generate the most money for SMU, which is used to beautify the SMU campus grounds, through irrigation and xeriscaping.

Recycling Quick Facts

American consumers

When we recycle, we

How recycled materials help:

For more information about recycling, check out SMU Campus Planning and Operations: Recycling Information, Environmental Systems of America, Environmental Defense fund

What Do We Recycle?  And Where?

Aluminum cans and plastic bottles.  These, too, will not be collected from staff offices.  Marked containers are located at FLC East, West, and CMIT entrances, FLC staff kitchens and break areas, and the Hamon library. 

Cardboard including

Cardboard will not be picked up from staff offices.  Collection locations are marked on all loading docks. 

Mixed-color paper including

Mixed-color paper will not be picked up from staff offices.  Bins are located on Fondren and Science loading docks and in CIP.  It you would like to suggest additional locations, contact Sandra.

 White office paper including

White paper is collected from staff offices each Wednesday by TIDY.  If you need a white paper recycling box, contact Sandra.

Toner cartridges are packaged with return mailing labels and collected by designated staff.

We do not currently recycle:  candy wrappers, carbon paper, napkins, paper or plastic cups and dishes, paper towels, shrink-wrap, steel cans, Styrofoam or any foam packing materials, tissue paper, waxed cartons, waxed paper.

If in doubt, don't put it in the recycling bin.  Call Sandra (8-1370) or e-mail (ssetnick) with questions.



Re: the Staff Lounge.  A very special "Thank you" to Margie Steele-Fuller and Amy Collins for getting our Staff Lounge and Kitchen clean and inviting again. Great job!

From the Circulation staff:  The Stack Maintenance Program numbers are in from the past  year and we'd like to thank everyone who participated for all their hard  work. Although overall participation could have been better, the program still managed to accomplish its goals. 

With about 60% of staff members recording their work at least once during the semester, library staff observed a dramatic change in complaints from patrons, the recovery of lost and missing items, and identification of  materials for preservation and conservation. All CUL staff should be extremely pleased with the results and awareness created from this program.

Therefore, it is our recommendation that the Stack Maintenance Program continues into the next academic year. Please help us improve the program by giving us your feedback concerning this program.  Again we'd like to thank everyone for all the hard work in doing something a little extra for our library and its patrons.

From CMITJust a reminder--CMIT has a Notary Public available to notarize things free of charge. Contact Lisa Wall at 8-4397 or

From Science Engineering Library.  Thanks to an incredible amount of work by physical plant, Fondren and Science microforms and equipment have been installed in their new location.  The new combined microforms area is at the NE corner of the first floor of Science.  The Periodicals Office has been relocated to the office adjacent to the new area, room 116.  Room 116's former occupant, Sandra Setnick, can be found in her new office on the 2nd floor of Science, room 233.  We're all still settling in to our new spaces, but students and staff are always available for assistance.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


CIP.  Katherine Schacht and Janet Allmon explored the wonders of England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland the last two weeks in June. They wish to report that, judging from the white fluffy specks endlessly dotting the emerald green rolling hillsides, the sheep population is thriving! From thatched cottages and spectacular gardens to imposing castles and rocky seascapes, their travels brought new adventures daily. Literary highlights included a visit to the Long Room of the Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin. Rickety wooden ladders propped up against 2-story high book shelves holding 200,000 of the library’s most valuable volumes left them wondering how library staff could possibly retrieve those “rush requests” from eager patrons! They viewed the priceless Book of Kells, one of the most highly decorated illuminated manuscripts in existence, dating from the 9th century.  In Oxford they photographed the circular Radcliffe Camera, the reading room of the Bodleian Library, but no inside visit was permitted. Just for fun activities included a ride on the London Eye, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, built on the banks of the Thames across from Parliament, tasting the traditional Haggis at a Scottish evening in Edinburgh, feasting at a medieval banquet in Knappogue Castle near Limerick while listening to strains of Celtic harps and the singing of lovely Irish ballads, attending a performance of “Twelfth Night” presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, shopping for woolens, and of course, kissing the Blarney Stone (which accounts for why this report is so “wordy!”).

Maria Bellavance (CIP) spent the month of June in Portugal.  She reports that this was her best trip to Portugal yet. A month is not enough time to enjoy the country with its natural beauty, its hospitable people, its delicious food, and the refreshing experience of a pool in the backyard and the ocean down the street… She hopes she can be your hostess there sometime when you are ready to get away to a little paradise called Vilamoura, Algarve, in the south coast of her native country.

Beth Farmer (CIP) had an unpleasant encounter with a very tiny and poisonous spider in July.  She wants to encourage everyone to be cautious and observant while roaming in back and front yards, doing a little gardening, and be sure to shake out clothing that has been in the closet for some time before wearing.  "I read that this spider suspect  likes to hide, and only bites when disturbed.  I also discovered that "Daddy Long Legs" or jumping spiders are also poisonous, but they have no biting mechanism.  Neither of these facts is remotely reassuring.  I still jump whenever I see a speck on the wall!"

CMIT.  Lisa Wall welcomes their new employee:  David Alley has come from Cincinnati and he is the new Manager of Technical Services.

DeGolyer Library.  Russell Martin, DeGolyer's new director, joined the staff in the last half of July.  His number will be 8-3234 and his email

Russell is an SMU alum (MA and BA in English) and got his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia, his MS in library science from the University of Illinois.  He comes to us most recently from the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Mass. where he was Curator or Newspapers and Periodicals. There will be several occasions during the fall when you will be able to meet Russell - notably at the annual CUL meeting in late September/beginning of October, but in the meantime, feel free to stop by and introduce yourselves to him.

HamonThe Hamon Arts Library is pleased to announce the arrival of the new Music, Theatre, Dance Librarian, Dr. Judy Marley.  Judy's first day will be on August 15th.  Judy has recently earned her Ph. D in Library and Information Science at the University of Pittsburgh and brings with her over 15 years experience as a music and fine arts librarian.

Reference.  Theresa Van Goethem-Meyers would like to welcome Reference's student workers for fall:  Tim Benner (Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology), Rahul Deshpande (graduate student,  Engineering), George Kaltchev (Ph.D. candidate,  Economics), Abdullah-Al-Mamun Khawaja (Ph.D. candidate, Economics), John Makinde (graduate student, Theology), Gwang Seok Oh (Ph.D. candidate, Religious Studies), Saji Pillai (graduate student, Telecommunications), and Qin Wang (Ph.D. candidate, Economics).

Science Engineering Library.  Erika Ripley reports that Steve Barnett began work as a Library Assistant in Collection Development and the Center for Information Processing in mid-August.  He has previous office and library experience and was most recently working at Half-Price books.  Steve has a BA in Philosophy from UNT and is preparing to enroll in a graduate program at SMU.   Steve is also a member of a local musical group "BABOON" which has been performing locally and nationally for the past 8 years.  They are currently recording their newest CD with Dallas' Last Beat Records.  They will be performing at several Dallas venues in the near future.  If you want to hear them perform their original Rock compositions, see Steve for their schedule.  Steve's office is in SIC rm. 212 and his phone number is 8-2277.


Thursday, September 6--Janet Allmon, CIP & Kay Bost, DeGolyer

Friday, September 7--John Milazzo, CIP

Saturday, September 8--Amy Turner, Web Development & Hank Young, FLC Periodicals

Saturday, September 15--Claudia Cruz, ILL & Terre Heydari, CIP

Thursday, September 20--Clayton Crenshaw, Hamon

Friday, September 28--Angela Kull, CIP

And belated felicitations to our August birthdays

August 2--Jim Quevaedo, FLC IIS

August 9--Theresa van Goethem-Meyers, Reference

August 11--Missy Collins, Friends

August 12--Chris Milazzo, FLC Systems

August 20--Toni Nolen, Reference

August 27--Joseph Milazzo, FLC Gov



CMIT will resume their Documentary Showcase. The schedule is available at

Fondren Library Center exhibits for the Fall will include:  Pioneers of Aviation, SMU Homecoming, and SMU Biology, Yesterday and Today.

Hawn Gallery, Hamon Library.  Exhibit of Nearly 40 Bindings by Dallas Bookbinder Opening September 16.  Nearly 40 bindings designed and completed by the late Dallas bookbinder Dorothy Jean Krall Westapher will be on exhibit September 16 – December 14, 2001, in the Hawn Gallery at the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Gallery hours are: Monday-Saturday: 9am - 5pm and Sunday: 1pm - 5pm.  For holiday hours, including during SMU’s fall break (October 13-16), please call 214-768-2894.  

 The exhibit, titled “Dorothy Westapher: Dallas Bookbinder,” showcases the broad range of bindings completed by Mrs. Westapher during nearly three decades as a bookbinder. Mrs. Westapher became enthralled with binding books during a chance visit to a bookbindery in 1970. She began studying with fine binders in the 1970s and also studied with distinguished binder Hugo Peller of Switzerland in 1985. Mrs. Westapher assumed the teaching duties of her mentor in 1976 and continued teaching until shortly before her death in 1999.  

Mrs. Westapher maintained high standards in her bindings and encouraged her students to learn how to execute fine bindings. She also organized and offered additional workshops with guest instructors for her students. Although Mrs. Westapher was best known for her talents as a bookbinder, she was also an accomplished paper marbler.  

 The exhibit is funded through private donations and is chaired by long-time student of Mrs. Westapher, Catherine Burkhard, bookbinder, calligrapher and owner of the Books ‘n Letters Studio, along with another former student P. Gregory Warden, Ph.D., Associate Dean and Professor of Art History, SMU, Meadows School of the Arts.


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