May 2002

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Mon 5-13    Annual Dinner and Meeting of the Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon with Special Guest Speaker David Dillon, 6:00 pm, S & S Restaurant

Thur 5-16    Bookbinders and Leather: A Virtual Tour of a Tannery, 3:00 pm, lecture held in Bridwell Library Benefactor's Room
Sat. 5-18     Commencement Exercises
Thur 5-23   CMIT Documentary Showcase: The Revolt of Mother, 1:00 pm, CMIT
Fri 5-23      CMIT Documentary Showcase: The Revolt of Mother, 12:00 noon, CMIT
Wed 5-22   Staff Appreciation Picnic, 11:30-1:30 on the Main Quad near Dallas Hall
Mon 5-27   Memorial Day, University Holiday
Wed 5-29   LEAD Program: Voyager User Group Meeting , presentation and Brown Bag at 12:00 noon in CIP, room location TBA


Conclusion to assigned FLC shelf reading

It's time to conclude FLC shelf reading for the summer. Please remember to finish your sections before the end of the semester. Many thanks from the FLC Circulations Staff!

CMIT Documentary Showcase

CMIT has one more film for the Documentary Showcase before the summer hiatus. It is a film titled The Revolt of Mother featuring CMIT's own Robert Walker. The film was made during his acting days in New York.

Film Synopsis: Father is going to build a new barn. Mother wants the new house she's been promised. A simple story about love and respect and the often difficult times between those who strive to build a life together. Running Time: 48 minutes

Rob will be on hand to answer questions and sign autographs. As mentioned, we won't be showing any films this summer, but we will be back strong in the fall.

Friends of the SMU Libraries


invites you to the

Annual Dinner and Meeting

Monday, May 13, 2002

6:00 p.m.

S & S Restaurant

5560 West Lovers Lane, Dallas 75209

Special guest speaker

David Dillon


“O’Neil Ford: 

The Man and the Place”

David Dillon has been the Architecture Critic of the Dallas Morning News since 1982. He received a Ph.D. from Harvard in literature and art history, and was a Loeb Fellow at its Graduate School of Design in 1986-87.   He has

written seven books, including Dallas Architecture: 1936-1986, The FDR Memorial, Extending the Legacy: Planning America’s Capital for the 21st Century, and The Architecture of O’Neil Ford. He has received numerous awards for his writing, including the John G. Flowers Award from the Texas Society of Architects, the Associated Press Award for Criticism, the Association of Sunday and Feature Editors Award and the Barbara Jordan Award. He is currently working on the new plan for the White House, and is an advisor to both the FDR Memorial and the World War II Memorial. He divides his time between Dallas and Amherst, Massachusetts.


Mixed Greens with Mandarin Oranges and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Choose One:

Pork Tenderloin with Green Peppersorn Sauce or

Grilled Red Snapper with Caper-Butter Sauce

Served with

Sauteed Yellow Squash with Red Peppers and Roasted New Potatoes

Fresh Apple Cobbler

Reservations are necessary AND MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN MAY 9. 

Cost of the dinner is $30.00 per person. 

Make checks payable to Friends of the SMU Libraries and include with your payment your choice of entree.

If you have any questions or for additional information , call Judy Searles at the Friends Office ext. 83225.

Bookbinders and Leather: A Virtual Tour of a Tannery

David Lanning, J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. of London, who comes from a long line of tanners, will offer a behind-the-scenes tour of a tannery and explain the history of the manufacture of fine bookbinding leather. This presentation is free and will be held at 3:00 pm on May 16 in the Benefactor's Room of Bridwell Library. For more information, contact Amber Sturgess at x3483


Updates to Disaster Protocol

The FLC Emergency Building Manual committee, comprised of library building managers and their alternates (Carol Baker, Dev Bickston, Russell Martin, and Tim Silcox), began the update and publication of information necessary to the safe and effective management of crises directly affecting the CUL facilities and their occupants

Emergency signage placed in west stack:

In an effort to increase emergency preparedness in Fondren, Chris Leamy, Jane Elder, and Carol Baker began selecting and purchasing "glow-in-the-dark" signage that will alert staff and patrons of exit routes, should power fail in the west stacks. Secured to the floor, these arrows immediately light when the room goes dark, pointing out routes to exits and safety. Chris Leamy and Shannon Cain placed the luminescent signage in the west stacks. The project will proceed in phases and will depend primarily on funding and time.

Tornado threats bring busy evening for staff and introduce new safety issues

Cindy Olson, Erika Ripley, Sandra Setnick, Dawn Youngblood, and Lisa Wall were on staff the evening of Tuesday, April 16, when local sirens signaled a tornado warning in the immediate area. Students and staff were escorted to the Science and Fondren East Basements where they remained until receiving notification from Carol Baker and from DPS that the severe weather threat had dissipated. The evening's events were a timely reminder of the need for practiced, updated disaster procedures, which will be facilitated by the Building Emergency Manual Committee in coming months.


May Birthdays

Tuesday, May 7--Andy Maupin, CIP

Wednesday, May 15--Dave Schmidt, FLC Periodicals

Wednesday, May 22--Christine Asberry, FLC Systems

Friday, May 24--Katherine Schact, CIP

Michael and Toni Nolen are pleased to announce that they are "infanticipating"! Both "Mom" and "Dad" are thrilled and doing fine! Toni's estimated due date is Monday, September 16, 2002
CIP was well represented at the 2002 VUGM (Voyager Users Group Meeting) in Chicago on April 25th through April 27th. Kris Reed, Angela Kull, Clare Lattimore, and Barbara Stockton attended the annual meeting. Kris and Chris Milazzo gave a presentation on PeopleSoft & Voyager.

Joseph Milazzo and Clare Lattimore, along with former colleague Stephen Short presented a summary of CUL's World War II project for attendees. Steve spoke on the history of the project and utilization of the Citation Server, followed by Joseph's account of the work flow of the project and his utilization of the holdings and item records for project racking. Clare covered the cataloging training and oversight provided by Kelly Sanderson and herself. Despite the scheduling toward the end of the conference attendance was good, and the presentation was followed by questions from interested attendees.

On Thursday, April 18, all CIP staff attended a refresher course on "Developing Effective Work Teams" organized by the CIP Training Team (Nancy Rubenstein, Maria Bellavance, Beth Farmer, and Clare Lattimore). We were fortunate to have this half-day workshop facilitated by Jeff Stresse from Human Resources and our own Bill Dworaczyk (Thanks for teaming up, Guys!) The workshop consisted of a didactic portion covering the definition, characteristics, and evolution of team models; team facilitation; and team member responsibilities. In the second part of the workshop, CIP staff split into four small groups to analyze and provide solutions to four different case studies written by the ever-creative Clare Lattimore and Maria Bellavance. Finally, we ended with a fun exercise where we anonymously expressed our "appreciation" for our fellow CIP staff members. The workshop allowed us to sit back and reflect on how far we have come and how we can continue to make our team structure even better.
Congratulations to the winners of the 2002 SMU Libraries Staff Recognition Awards! All nominees for the awards received high recommendations, and it was a very difficult task to make the final determinations. Many thanks to all who sent in nominations. Please congratulate the following winners:
  • Employee of the Year-John Phinney, Institute for the Study of Earth and Man
  • Outstanding Achievement-Toni Nolen, SMU Library Systems
  • Support Services Continuing Excellence-Lois Nickel, Government Information, Resources and Maps
  • Outstanding Student Assistant-Alicia Frias, CIP
  • The winning team for the 2002 Central University Libraries Team Award was the CUL Recycle Ad-hoc Group. Team members are Maria Bellavance, Hillary Campbell, Chris Leamy, John Phinney, Erika Ripley, Sandra Setnick, and Troy Sherrod. This group was successful in implementing and promoting recycling efforts in the CUL for long-term environmental and cost-saving benefits. The team worked hard at promoting recycling within the CUL encouraging staff to establish effective recycling habits.

  • The team that ran a very close second was the CUL Exhibits Committee. This team was given an Honorable Mention for their outstanding job of presenting exhibits in the CUL that have been very interesting and educational to Faculty, Staff, Students and the public visitors of the library. Team Members are Kay Bost, Shannon Cain, Joel Eatmon, Joseph Milazzo, Ellen Buie Niewyk, John Phinney, Dave Schmidt, Barbara Stockton, and Brad Wehring. Mary Phinney also contributed many hours putting together the exhibits.

Congratulations to Joseph Milazzo (Government Information, Resources, and Maps) and Hillary Campbell (Hamon Library), the 2002 recipients of the Friends of the Library annual scholarship. The scholarship is for SMU library full time staff members and student library employees who wish to become librarians.


The upcoming exhibition in the Hawn Gallery is titled Texas Women Printmakers, 1930-1950 and features prints from the Bill and Mary Cheek Family Collection. The following comes from the introductory text panel of the exhibition, written by the lender, Bill Cheek"

"This exhibition includes work by six women who were members of the Texas Printmakers, which existed from 1940-          1965: Lorene David, Bess Hubbard, Lucille Jeffries, Lura Ann Taylor, Verda Ligon, and Vera Wise. This group was created after a similar men's group, the Lone Star Printmakers (which had been formed in 1937) denied membership to women. The Texas Printmakers developed exhibitions and sent them on circuits to museums, libraries and colleges throughout the U.S. and continued long after the Lone Star Printmakers dissolved in 1942. An overview exhibition of the Texas Printmakers was held at the SMU Meadows Museum in 1990."

The exhibition runs from May 13 through August 9, 2002, and the Hawn Gallery is located on the first floor of the Hamon Library. 

Libraries and Leaders: Some Donors to SMU Libraries, 1915-2002

This exhibit looks at some of the major contributors to SMU's central libraries. It runs until June 30, 2002 and is available for viewing from 8:30-5:00, Monday through Friday, in DeGolyer Library. For more information, contact Russell Martin at x3231.



Don't Forget Mother's Day on May 12!

Here are some fun links about Mother's Day:

Ironically, Anne Jarvis, the American credited with the campaign to adopt Mother's Day as an official holiday, remarked towards the end of her life that she regretted her efforts, as the day had become one of "profit" and not "sentiment". (Houston Chronicle, 1997)

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