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  • Monday through Thursday . . . . . 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

  • Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:00 a.m. to midnight

  • Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 a.m. to midnight

  • Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

MARCH LEAD PRESENTATION: Wednesday, March 31st, 2:00pm, CMIT.

CMIT TOUR: Join LEAD and the staff of CMIT for a behind the scenes tour.

DIRECTOR'S TEA: Friday, March 5th, 10:30 am, Texana Room

Staff Service Awards for 2003 will be presented.

SPRING BREAK Friday March 5th-Sunday March 14th

For a complete listing of library hours go to: 



The time to begin annual performance evaluations is approaching. You will be contacted by your supervisor to schedule an appointment for the evaluation. All evaluations must be turned in to the CUL Office by Friday, April 16; these will be turned in by your supervisor. You may access the forms and the guidelines from the V:drive - under ShareSpace and the folder is Performance Evaluation Forms.

Remember that you will need to save the file to your computer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your supervisor or Bill Dworaczyk

DIRECTOR'S TEAS: (these dates are tentative; location and times will be announced later; watch your e-mail for more information)
  • Mar 5 10:30am CUL staff service awards (Fri) 
  • April 1 10:30am (Thurs) 
  • May 5 3pm for the SMU staff awards

Participating SMU Libraries are now providing access to more e-journals than ever before. CUL has entered into a contract with Serials Solutions to provide MARC records in PONI for all full text e-journals available direct from publishers' web sites and through subscription databases such as InfoTrac OneFile and Academic Search Premier. Also part of the Serials Solutions contract is the availability of an A to Z web page available from the SMU Online Resources home page:  where users may search for specific e-journal titles, browse e-journal titles by subject, and view our entire e-journal collection. CUL User Education librarians are teaming up with members of the CUL Electronic Resources Team to provide orientation sessions for SMU Libraries staff who are interested in learning about the new Serials Solutions method of providing access to e-journals. Two sessions are scheduled:

March 9 10-10:30am

March 10 2-2:30pm

Both sessions will be held in Room 323 of Fondren Library.



Good news from the Music Librarian Search Committee. Hyeyoon Cho accepted the music cataloger position. She will start working in CIP on March 15th. Hyeyoon received her Master's degree in Library Science with a Specialization in Music Librarianship in May 2003. She interned at the Cook Music Library twice in music cataloging -- an internship in sound recordings and another in music scores cataloging. Hyeyoon performed original and copy cataloging and contributed original and enhanced bibliographic records to BIBCO and authority records to NACO.

Bridwell Library is CELEBRATING

a new platform for delivering

ATLA’s Religion Database & ATLASerials

No more pesky “PONI Databases.”  No more separate searches in Ebsco’s Religion & Philosophy database.  No more one-user CD ROM for accurate scripture searches.  

This is hot, it’s new, and it’s for YOU!!

From the PONI page, simply click on “Online Resources” and select “E” for EbscoHost

In the EbscoHost suite of databases, select ATLA with ATLASerials.  You can also select any other database and it will be searched SIMULTANEOUSLY with ATLA.  This includes

·        Academic Search Premier, with over 4,000 full-text journals

·        Newspaper Source and PsycINFO (think of those Church in Social Context papers)

·        Religion & Philosophy, with over 250 full-text, peer-reviewed journals

Searching scripture citations is now a breeze with the new interface.  Simply enter your citation, change “Default Fields” to “SC Scripture Citation” in the right-hand box, click “Search” and you’re there.  Bibliographic citation results will link to the appropriate PONI record for print sources.  Full-text results provided by ATLASerials can be printed on the spot.  Full-text results provided by Ebsco can be printed, downloaded to a disk, or e-mailed to yourself for later use.

For remote access to ATLA just go to “My Account” on the PONI page, enter your last name and the 14-digit barcode number from your SMU ID card.  At that point, continue with access instructions at the top of this page.  No muss, no fuss.

 One try and you’ll be hooked.  If not completely satisfied with this product, contact Jane Elder at (214) 768-4046 or  She’ll either talk you through your problem or you’ll get a set of Ginsu knives absolutely free! 


(courtesy of Hannah Watson)


Shoko Kreutzfeld will start working in CIP in the electronic resources cataloging position on February 16th. She graduated with a Master of Library & Information Science degree in August 2002. Shoko has experience as a Library Technician in the Serials and Catalog Departments at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Libraries. She served as the chair of the technical services section of the Hawaii Library Association. During her tenure as chair, Shoko coordinated a music cataloging workshop at the Hamilton Library, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Please make Shoko welcome.




 9-March Bird, Sherilyn CIP
10-March Babatunde, Sola FLC Gov.
14-March Stockton, Barbara CIP
25-March Friedrich, Betty DeGolyer
28-March Nickel, Lois FLC Gov.
29-March Ratcliffe, Sam Hamon
31-March Ruppi, Cindi CIP
Dawn Youngblood is teaching for the MLA program. This semester, she is teaching Hunter-Gatherers Through Time and in the Fall of 2004 she will be teaching Emergence of Complex Societies.

Congratulations to former CUL staff member Kelly (Sanderson) Cannon, and her family on their new edition:

Ella Renee' Cannon

Born 2-16-04

9 pounds 12 ounces



Babatunde, Sola 3
Heydari, Terre 3
Leamy, Chris 3
Ripley, Erika 3
Ruppi, Cynthia 3
Youngblood, Dawn 3
Graff, Sonia Ortiz 5
Milazzo, Joe 5
Quevedo, Jim 5
Swanson, Ruthann 5
Walker, Robert 5
Wall, Lisa 5
Stark, Marcella 10
Stovall, Billie 20
Phinney, John 25
Holleman, Curtis 30
Lattimore, Clare 30
Bickston, Dev 35

Our daughter Barbara just started a two year tour of duty at the Embassy in Conakry, Guinea in West Africa. This follows her first assignment in Jakarta, Indonesia. In Jakarta she was in charge of Transportation and Passports and Visas and will have a similar position in Conakry. She has a 4 bedroom house with 2 story living room with floor to ceiling windows looking out over the ocean and she said the master bedroom had floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Bay. It is in a compound with 20 foot walls and 24/7 Marine Guards.

She said that any of the Library folks in the area should drop in to visit, she has plenty of room with 4 bedrooms. She also has a maid and a cook. I will say she does need the cook. The cook can cook American, English, French. some Chinese and Guinean.



This is a new section in which a CUL staff member will be featured each month.  The purpose is to get to know each other a little better.  Please feel free to send me the profiles of your newest staff members ( so that we can introduce them to the rest of CUL. If you have a staff member in your area that you would like to nominate (new or old) please contact me.  (You can even volunteer yourself :) )

Shoko Kreutzfeld  


Shoko worked at the UH libraries as a student assistant, intern, and library technician for four and half years prior to moving to Dallas last summer. She received her MLIS from University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2002. Her second master’s degree is in linguistics focused on Japanese phonology. Shoko is also interested in semantics mapping of the Library of Congress Subject Headings.

Her  hobbies do not include going to the beach or surfing. Shoko only went to the beach a few times in six years while she was in Hawaii. Shoko enjoys a cold and crispy winter and  was craving to snow ski while in Honolulu. She is happy to be on the mainland since it is closer to a place for skiing, but of course, not in Texas.

When asked to tell us one or two things about herself that not too many people know, here is what Shoko had to say: "First of all, I have "double joints". My joints are sort of flexible. If anybody is interested in my toe walk, I will show you it for free when you visit my cubicle. Second, Don’t stay away from me, but I have a black belt in Shorinji Kempo.  Shorinji Kempo is a Japanese modern martial art which its history is only a few decades. This martial art trains both the mind and body together to develop full potential in life. I am hoping to resume the practice soon."

Shoko and her  husband  moved to Dallas with their two cats since they have family in Carrollton. Their cats, "Charles in charge" and "Yuki" (which means 'snow' in Japanese) flew directly from Honolulu. Charles has been on a diet forever since he is an overweight cat (22 lbs). Before being sent to Dallas by air, Charles tried to lose some weight since the air fare was charged by the pound. Well, his diet has never worked well, and his parents paid a lot of money to get him here.



Damaged Books, January 19, 2004- March 5, 2004

Stanley Marcus Mineral Collection: a View From Geology, March 9, 2004- April 23, 2004

Faculty Recognition Exhibit, April 27, 2004- May 15, 2004


March is:

  • Cataract Awareness Month 

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month 

  • Craft Month 

  • Feminine Empowerment Month 

  • Foot Health Month 

  • Furniture Refinishing Month 

  • Gardening, Nature and Ecology Books Month 

  • Hemophilia Month 

  • Humorists Are Artists Month 

  • International Hamburger & Pickle Month 

  • Irish-American Heritage Month 

  • Music in Our Schools Month 

  • Noodle Month 

  • Poison Prevention Awareness Month 

  • 2nd Read Across America Day

  • 9th Organize Your Home Office Day

  • 14th Potato Chip Day

  • 15th Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

  • 22nd Goof Off Day

  • 24th Chocolate Raisin Day

  • 28th Something on a Stick Day

  • Yellowstone becomes the U.S.'s first national park. (1872) 
  • Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors scores 100 points in a basketball game. (1962) 
  • The Star Spangled Banner becomes the National Anthem (1931) 
  • The Constitution of the United States of America goes into effect. (1789) 
  • Mrs. Charles Fahning of Buffalo N.Y. is recognized as the first woman to bowl a perfect 300 game. (1930) 
  • The Boston Massacre occurred. (1770) 
  • Silly putty is invented. (1950) 
  • Well known and loved Walter Cronkite signs off as anchorman off the CBS Evening News (1981) 
  • Alexander Graham Bell patents the Telephone. (1876) 
  • Monopoly board game is invented (1933) 
  • President Ronald Reagan calls the USSR an "Evil Empire" (1983) 
  • Baseball great Joe DiMaggio dies (1999) 
  • Ironclad ships the Monitor and the Merrimack battle in the Civil war. 
  • The U.S. government issues paper money for the first time. (1862) 
  • Alexander Graham Bell places the world's first telephone call, to his assistant in the next room. (1876) 
  • The most famous storm in American history, the Blizzard of 1888, begins.(1888) 
  • Girl Scouts were founded. (1912) 
  • Baseball great Joe Dimaggio agrees to a new contract with the NY Yankees, and gets a $6,250 raise. My, how times have changed! (1942) 
  • Senate begins impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson. (1868) 
  • Harvard University is named after clergyman John Harvard. (1639) 
  • Eli Whitney patents the Cotton Gin (1794) 
  • George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak Company, commits suicide rather than facing the ravages of Cancer. (1932) 
  • "The Ides of March" Julius Caesar is stabbed to death by Marcus Junius Brutus. (44 B.C.) 
  • Professor Robert Goddard launches the first liquid fuel rocket. (1926) 
  • The Mai Lai Massacre takes place in Vietnam. (1968) 
  • On this day everyone is a little bit Irish- It's Saint Patrick's Day! 
  • The rubber band was invented. Can you imagine life without them!?! (1845) 
  • Soviet Union cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov becomes the first person to take a space walk. (1965) 
  • Congress approves Daylight Savings Time. (1918) 
  • Harriet Beacher Stowe publishes the book Uncle Tom's Cabin . (1852) 
  • The infamous Alcatraz prison is closed. (1963) 
  • Patrick Henry declares "Give me liberty, or give me death!" (1775) 
  • German scientist Robert Koch announces he has discovered the bacillus that causes Tuberculosis. (1882) 
  • Elvis Presley joins the U.S. Army. (1958) 
  • The European Economic Community (ECC) is established by the Treaty of Rome. (1957) 
  • Ludwig von Beethoven dies in Vienna, Austria. (1827)
  • Dr. Jonas Salk invents a vaccine to fight polio. 
  • The Eastman Dry Plate and Chemical Company manufactures the first motion picture film. (1885) 
  • The biggest earthquake ever recorded strikes Anchorage, Alaska. It measured 8.3 on the Richter scale. (1964) 
  • Nathaniel Briggs patents the washing machine. (1797)
  • The city of Madrid falls to the forces of Francisco Franco, ending the Spanish Civil War. (1939) 
  • Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident occurs in Middletown, Pa. (1979)
  • Sally Ride becomes the first woman in space. (1983)
  • Ice jams stop the flow of water over Niagara Falls. (1848)
  • Coca Cola is invented. (1886) 
  • The 15th amendment goes into effect, giving black men the right to vote. (1870)
  • Jeopardy debuts on television. (1964) 
  • The Eiffel Tower opens in Paris, France (1889)


Taste of Plano 

Wild Wild Stars and Stripes 

Taste of the Nation 

North Texas Irish Festival 

Off the Vine wine tasting: Everyday Favorites Under $20 

Metroplex Glass Show 

African American Wine Tasting Society Dinner 



There was a very gracious lady who was mailing an old family Bible to her brother in another part of the country. "Is there anything breakable in here?" asked the postal clerk. "Only the Ten Commandments." answered the lady.  Submitted by Dawn Youngblood.


This is a new section where staff can list things that they are selling or giving away.  Send items to ( well, not the actual item just a picture or brief description) 


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