May/June 2006








LIBRARY HOURS: January 17-May 3, 2006


  • Monday-Thursday 8:00am-2:00am
  • Friday 8:00am-12midnight
  • Saturday 9:00am-12midnight
  • Sunday1:00pm-2:00am


  • Monday-Thursday 8:00am-12midnight
  • Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Sunday1:00pm-12midnight


  • Monday-Thursday 8:30am-10:00pm
  • Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Saturday Closed
  • Sunday 2:00pm-8:00pm

For other library hours see web page at 


Fondren Library Center

Thursday April 13 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday April 14 (Good Friday) Closed
Saturday April 15 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday April 16 1:00 pm - 2:00 am


Thursday April 13 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday April 14 (Good Friday) Closed
Saturday April 15 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sunday April 16 1:00 pm - 12:00 am


Thursday April 13 8:30 am -10:00 pm
Friday April 14 (Good Friday) CLOSED
Saturday April 15 CLOSED
Sunday April 16 CLOSED


Thursday April 13 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday April 14 (Good Friday) CLOSED
Saturday April 15 CLOSED
Sunday April 16 CLOSED


Thursday April 13 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Friday April 14 (Good Friday) CLOSED
Saturday April 15 CLOSED
Sunday April 16 CLOSED



Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of CUL collection Development?

 Are you curious as to how items are chosen or how funds are allocated?

 LEAD is giving you the opportunity to find out!


On Thursday, April 20th LEAD will host a moderated panel discussion on collection development.  It will take place at 2:00pm in the Texana room.

 The panel will consist of: 

  • Curt Holleman

  •  Erika Ripley

  •  Russell Martin

  •  Alisa Rata

The Discussion will be broken into 3 sections: 

  • Budget (20 Min)

  • Selection Process (20 Min)

  •  Future of Collection Development (20 Min)


In order to make this panel discussion run smoothly, LEAD would like you to submit your questions in advance.  Please send your questions to Theresa Meyers by noon on Thursday, April 13th.  There might be a few minutes in each section for impromptu questions, but if you really would like for your questions to be answered please submit them in advance. 


Watch your e-mail for details!

May-EndUser Brown Bag
June 14th 2:00pm-Ice Cream Social
July-ALA Brown Bag


Co-sponsored by the

Norwick Center for Media & Instructional Technology &

Friends of the SMU Libraries

 Thursday, April 27th and Friday, April 28th

Both evenings events are from 7pm – 10pm

 Thursday evening’s speaker will be:

 Rick Worland   -    Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Cinema-Television, Meadows School of the Arts, SMU
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles
Dr. Rick Worland received his M.A. and Ph.D. in motion picture/television critical studies from UCLA. His research has focused on popular film and television in the Cold War period. Dr. Worland has published in various academic journals including Cinema Journal, Journal of Film & Video, Journal of Popular Film & Television and Film and History.

Friday evening’s speaker will be:

Sean Griffin  -    Assistant Professor, Meadows School of the Arts, SMU
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Sean Griffin is an assistant professor in the Division of Cinema-Television, teaching courses in film and television history and theory. He is the author of Tinker Belles and Evil Queens: The Walt Disney Company from the Inside Out and has published articles on animation, soap operas, Internet fan culture and musicals. His most recent book is America on Film: Representing Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality at the Movies.

This season we are featuring films of the Silent Era and the CMIT Media Library has a great collection of these classic films to choose from.

Check back on the CMIT website at to get an updated schedule of the films to be shown.

This event is FREE and everyone is welcome.



The 7th Annual Tables of Content fundraiser for the Friends of the SMU Libraries took place on Saturday, April 8 at the Collins Center. The event was a huge success and featured 15 tables hosted by local authors, celebrities and SMU notables ranging from Gary Cogill and Bob Hinkle (A “Giant” favorite) to Dean Carole Brandt and our own Russell Martin. Guests had quite a time bidding on over 60 auction items including rare books and ephemera from several of the SMU libraries, art and jewelry. The evening was topped off with an impromptu live auction of John Nieto’s “Fancy Dancer at SMU” (donated by the DeGolyer Library). Final numbers are not in, but the event should net over $15,000 for the Friends to help support the annual grants program.


Grant applications for the annual Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon grants program are due this Wednesday, April 12. Please send a description of your grant request along with the amount you are requesting to Amy Carver (

 Scholarship applications for the Library Scholarship from the Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon are due Tuesday, April 18. If you need another copy of the application or guidelines, please contact Amy Carver ( or 8-1939).


Marshall Terry & The Memorialist

 DeGolyer Library

Southern Methodist University

 Thursday, May 4

Reception in the Texana Room, 6 pm

Reading in the Stanley Marcus Room, 6:30 pm

 Marshall Terry is the E.A. Lilly Professor of English at SMU, where he has taught since 1954. An award-winning writer and teacher, Terry is the author of seven novels and two collections of stories as well as an anecdotal tribute to his “good place,” From High on the Hilltop: A Brief History of SMU.  Copies of Marshall Terry’s new book, The Memorialist, volume four in the Northway Chronicle, will be available for purchase.

 Sponsored by the DeGolyer Library and Colophon, the Friends of SMU Libraries.

RSVP, 214-768-3231.


The 2006 CUL Team Award and the Dean’s EUREKA! Award are an exciting way to bring recognition to the staff members of the CUL who serve with their talent, time and goodwill and make the Central University Libraries great.

The CUL Team Award is given to a team that is cross-divisional rather than internal to a specific CUL department, has at least three team members, functions as an on-going permanent team, or just as an ad-hoc team for a specific task.

The CUL EC reviews the nominations and selects the team to receive the award, which is a team lunch at a restaurant compliments of Dean McCombs and the EC.  Please read the CUL Team Award attachment for all the details.

New last year was the Dean’s Eureka! Award.  This award will be given to the CUL staff member or staff members who have shown the most creativity, ingenuity and imagination, who took a risk, tried an idea, or bled on the cutting edge to make a difference for CUL and the SMU community.

The recipient is selected by a committee comprised of Dean McCombs, Dr. Ellen Jackofsky, Janis Knott and Dr. John Slocum.  The award is a $500 cash prize. 

Both awards will be presented at the SMU Libraries Staff Recognition event on May 3 at 3:00 pm in the Texana Room of DeGolyer Library.

Nomination forms and information will be available at the Circulation and Reference Desks, Hamon Circulation Desk, Library Office.


The Committee for the SMU Libraries Staff Recognition Awards is seeking nominations for the 2005/2006 awards. The awards recognize outstanding contributions to the Libraries, service to library users, and/or to the library profession. This year there are four awards carrying a monetary prize of $500 each. General considerations and criteria for these awards are given below.

All members of the SMU library staff (except the Council of Library Directors and those who have won the award within the previous two years) are eligible for the awards as defined in the criteria. The Awards Committee encourages any member of the SMU Community to submit nominations.

The Awards Committee will maintain confidentiality with regard to all nominations and will vote by secret ballot. The Committee will make recommendations for recipients of the awards to the Council of Library Directors, who will make the final decisions.

Nominations are due by 12:00 Noon, Friday, April 21, 2006. Please submit nominations using the electronic form or pick up a paper form from any campus library and deliver it to Room 300, Fondren Library East (Attn: Cindy Ruppi) or send it to the following address:    Awards Committee, Cindy Ruppi, Central University Libraries, PO Box 0135, CAMPUS  Print forms will be available April 11, 2006.

The Awards ceremony and reception will be held on Wednesday May 3, 2006 from 3:00-4:30 p.m. in the Texana Room of the DeGolyer Library. All members of the SMU community are invited to attend.

Award Categories and Criteria 

Outstanding Achievement

Employee of the Year

Continuing Excellence

Outstanding Student Assistant

2005 Winners

Page Thomas-Outstanding Achievement

Christopher Molinar- Employee of the Year

Janet Allmon – Continuing Excellence

Steven Fratus-Outstanding Student Assistant

 2004 Winners

 Linda Sellers – Outstanding Achievement

Claudia Pulte – Employee of the Year

Sandra Hearne – Continuing Excellence

John McQuillen– Outstanding Student Assistant

General consideration for all awards:

Continuing outstanding performance is a requirement for those nominated
for any award. In evaluating a nominee against the criteria for any award,
extraordinary performance in one area may be viewed as more important than
the expectation for demonstration of achievement in all areas. The decision
may be made by the Awards Committee to make a second award in one category
when there are no nominations in another category or to change categories
when the nominee fits better into a category other than that for which nominated.


The following may serve as general examples of types of achievement for which staff might be recognized:

  • For leadership and guidance in interacting with the public and other employees.

  • For developing, implementing, and fostering advances in library operations, services, or programs.

  • For successful and creative projects.

  • For marketing and promoting services to library users.

  • For changing physical and/or attitudinal barriers.

  • For work that enhances and promotes quality and an exceptional spirit of service to others.


Criteria for specific awards:

Continuing Excellence (Funded by Friends of the SMU Libraries)
Awarded to a library specialist who has:

  • Set an example of knowledge, expertise, dedication and enthusiasm. Continually demonstrates the highest level of commitment to service to library users and SMU faculty and staff.
  • Maintained a consistent record of outstanding performance (may include different position levels) for a minimum of three years.
  • Maintained excellent relations with other SMU employees and library users.
  • Made significant contributions to the SMU community or to the library profession.

 Outstanding Achievement
Awarded to a librarian who has:

  • Contributed significantly to the SMU community or to the library profession through personal service, leadership, scholarship, or involvement in professional associations.

  • Maintained excellent relations with other library employees and library users.

  • Maintained a record of exemplary work for a period of 3-5 years.

  • Demonstrated outstanding achievement, performance, or service.

Employee of the Year
Awarded to a librarian or library specialist who has:

  • Demonstrated exemplary service during the past year.

  • Demonstrated successful management of one or more major projects that reflect positively on the University.

  • Implemented an innovative idea for enhancing service, improving operations, or saving money.

 Outstanding Student Assistant
Awarded to a student employee who has demonstrated exemplary continuing
performance during the period of employment (minimum of two full semesters).
Consideration will be given to work habits, knowledge of work, quality and
quantity of work, judgment, initiative, adaptability, and reliability.



The CUL Staff gathered at the Bonelli Commons Room in the Hamon Arts Library on March 31st. Dean Gillian McCombs presented the certificates to those receiving their Service awards. Those celebrating milestones this year were:

Three years:
Michael Foutch

Five Years:
Sola Babatunde
Terre Heydari
Christopher Allan Leamy
Erika Ripley
Cindy Ruppi
Dawn Youngblood

Ten Years:
Dave Schmidt

Fifteen Years:
Jorge Cruz
Christopher Joel Eatmon
Ellen Buie Niewyk
Cindy Olson

Twenty five years:
Geailya Armour




HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3-Apr Phinney, John ISEM


Lisa Wall put out the word that Cargo needed a new home.  Dawn told Vanessa Sample, student map library assistant, about Cargo and Vanessa arranged to get the dog for her mom, Cyndy.  Cargo has already learned to jump out the window like the cats in the house to get to the back yard and sleeps luxuriously in his new owner’s bed.



Melanie's daughter, Lindsay, was initiated as a new member of Delta Gamma Fraternity here at SMU in March.  Here is a photo of the DG girl and her non-Greek mom on Bid Day.  She is currently a sophomore (one silly credit hour short of being a junior) majoring in English-Creative Writing and Cinema/TV.


Melanie's son, Will, aka Bill when he worked in Science Periodicals, is a Third Grade Teacher at his old alma mater.  Six of his former teachers are now his colleagues.  They say they liked him better when he was shy and kept quiet at school instead of constantly cracking jokes at faculty meetings. Here is a photo of Mr.G before the first day of school, practicing "the look" intended to scare small children (while wearing a kid-friendly pink tie).  The highlight of Will's year (and that of his burnt orange-blooded Texas Ex parents) was attending the Rose Bowl game in January.  Here is a photo of Will and a buddy that accurately conveys the joy of that event



Violet Le would like to share some of the photos that she took while she was in San Antonio March 25th and 26th.


This is a new section in which a CUL staff member will be featured each month.  The purpose is to get to know each other a little better.  Please feel free to send me the profiles of your newest staff members ( so that we can introduce them to the rest of CUL. If you have a staff member in your area that you would like to nominate (new or old) please contact me.  (You can even volunteer yourself :) )




Spring 2006
Faculty Recognition Exhibit-April 25th, 3:00pm in the CUL Link.



1 Oliver Pollack invents the dollar sign $ (1778)

1 Dexter Mason Ferry and partners found Gardener, Ferry & Church Seed Company, now called Ferrry-Morse, the oldest seed company in America (1856)  

1 Daytime soap opera General Hospital first airs on ABC (1963)

2 Congress passes the Coinage Act and the U.S. Mint is born. (1792)

3 The Pony Express begins delivering the mail. (1860)

4 Susanna Medora Salter is the first woman to be elected mayor in the nation in Argonia, Kansas. (1887)

4 Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated. (1968)

4 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is signed. (1949)

5 General Douglas MacArthur died in Washington, D.C. at the age of 84. (1964)

6 Explorers Matthew A. Henson and Robert E. Perry are the first to reach the North Pole. (1909)

6 The first modern Olympic games opens in Athens, Greece (1896)

6 Twinkies hit the market. The first twinkies were banana-filled.(1930)

7 The musical South Pacific, by Rodgers and Hammerstein, opens on Broadway. (1949)

7 The World Health Organization (WHO) is founded. (1948)

8 Hank Aaron of the Atlanta Braves hits his 715th home run to surpass Babe Ruth's 714 home run record. (1974)

9 Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrenders  to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, ending the Civil War. (1865)

9 French explorer LaSalle reaches the Mississippi river (1691)

9 The U.S. Senate passes a law making Winston Churchill the first honorary U.S. citizen. (1963)

10  The "unsinkable" RMS Titanic departs on it's maiden voyage from Southampton, England. (1912)

10 Do you love animals? The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was established on this date in 1866.

12 By an Act of Congress, Puerto Rico becomes a U.S, territory. (1900)

12 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin becomes the first person in space. (1961).

14 President Abraham Lincoln is shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. He died the next day. (1865)

15 The Titanic hits an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic ocean as sinks. (1912)

18 Paul Revere makes his famous ride from Charlestown to Lexington, Ma., shouting "the Red Coats are coming" as the American Revolutionary War begins. (1775)

18 The Great San Fransisco earthquake hits, killing 700 people. (1906)

19 The Revolutionary War begins. (1775)

19 After a 51 day siege in Waco, Texas, the Branch Dividian compound goes up in flames, killing the cult members (1993)

20 Two teenage boys go on a shooting rampage in Columbine High school in Littleton, Colorado. One teacher and 12 students are killed. (1999)

25 Delegates from 45 countries meet in San Fransisco to organize the United Nations. (1945)

27 Senior citizens take note, the first Social Security checks were distributed on this day in 1937.

29 Gideon Sundback of Hoboken, N.J. patents the zipper. (1913)

30  The Vietnam War ends with the fall of Saigon (later renamed Ho Chi Minh City) (1975)


National Humor Month

International Guitar Month

Keep America Beautiful Month

Lawn and Garden Month

Poetry Month

National Pecan Month

National Welding Month

Stress Awareness Month

Week 1 Library Week

Week 2 Garden Week

Week 3 Organize Your Files Week

Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week

Week 4 National Karaoke Week

2nd National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

3rd Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day

7th Caramel Popcorn Day

7th No Housework Day

7th National Walk to Work Day

10th National Siblings Day

13th Scrabble Day

14th International Moment of Laughter Day

14th National Pecan Day

15th Rubber Eraser Day

16th National Librarian Day

17th Blah, Blah, Blah Day

17th National Cheeseball Day     

18th Pet Owners Independence Day

19th National Garlic Day

20th Look Alike Day

22nd National Jelly Bean Day

23rd Lover's Day

23rd Take a Chance Day

24th Pig in a Blanket Day

25th National Zucchini Bread Day

25th World Penguin Day  

26th Executive Admin's Day (Secretary's Day)

26th National Pretzel Day

27th National Prime Rib Day

29th National Shrimp Scampi Day

30th National Honesty Day

FUN WITH LC SUBJECT HEADINGS (brought to you courtesy of CIP)

The following are valid LC subject headings (True or False):

1. Boating with cats
2. Medicinal marijuana
3. Spontaneous combustion
4. Krumping
5. Cataloger's judgment

For the answers, highlight the section below

1. True, but don't try that at home.
2. False, valid heading is Marijuana -- Therapeutic use, and don't try that at home either.
3. False, valid heading is Combustion, spontaneous.  Again, not to be tried at home.
4. True, used instead of Clown dancing, suitable for trying at home.
5. False, there is no valid heading for this concept.  Catalogers -- Mental health services is valid, though.


This is a new section where staff can list things that they are selling or giving away.  Send items to ( well, not the actual item just a picture or brief description) 

Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University

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