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January/February 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

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NEXT DEAN'S TEA will be March 22nd at 3:00 p.m. (Service awards presented)


On behalf of LEAD, thank you to Russell Martin, Joan Gosnell, and the rest of the DeGolyer staff for giving a great and informative tour of the library. We heard several very nice comments on the tour from staff who attended, and judging from the sizeable attendance, there is a lot of interest in the library’s impressive collections and its daily operations. The tour gave everyone a much better glimpse of what happens in the DeGolyer.   

Student Worker Management Panel

CUL is fortunate to have many willing and capable student workers help provide library services for SMU faculty and students.  How can we support our student workers, improve communication with them and get the best from them in our daily library operations?  The focus of this panel is to facilitate a positive dialogue about issues encountered in managing student workers and to present and discover solutions for better management.  The program will include a brief presentation of Blackboard as a management tool and a panel discussion.

Panelists are Erika Ripley, Terre Heydari, Bill Dworaczyk and Beverly Mitchell

Thursday, February 22, 2007 at 2:00 pm

100D FLW – Screening Room

Please submit any questions for discussion to Beverly at by February19th.




STAFF NEWS                                               

Kris Reed was elected and ordained to the office of Elder at NorthPark Presbyterian Church this month for a 3 year term.



Happy Birthday!!!

Mary Queyrouze - January 10th

Curt Holleman - January 22nd

Marna Morland - February 5th

Carol Baker - February 7th

Robert Walker - February 7th

Kris Reed – February 8th

Carolyn Keenon - February 16th

Ruthann Swanson - February 20th

Marja Pietilainen-Rom - February 27th





Spring 2007


Remembering Julia Scott Reed (1917-2004)
Jan. 29-Feb. 28, 2007.



The Art of the Caricature:  Prints from Vanity Fair, 1869 – 1900
(Opening - TBA) - April 26, 2007

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9 - 5 pm; Sunday 1 - 5 pm
For more information, call: 214-768-1853





Sacred Harmony:
The Musical Wesley Family - will feature correspondence, hymn and tune collections, books, and scores illustrating the formation and development of eighteenth-century British Wesleyan-style worship song, and the musical education and career of several generations of the Wesley family.

1 February– 28 April 2007
Curated by Carlton R. Young



Lacey Demara, CIP

Professional/Educational background:

City of Plano: 1996-2005 Municipal Reference Library Collin County Children's Advocacy Center: 1999-2001 volunteer work as Visitation Supervisor and handling case documentation ArtCentre of Plano 1999: volunteer docent Plano Repertory Theater: 1998-2002 House Manager Hope's Door (protective shelter for victims of domestic violence): 2005-present Crisis Counselor Collin County Community College Southern Methodist University Major: Social Sciences Minor: Religious Studies

Hobbies and interests:

History, specifically the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor monarchy, stand-up comedy (watching, never performing), helping others because it makes me feel good and spending time with my 3 nieces and 2 nephews when I get to continually come up with various particulars concerning "where my husband is." =)

Interesting facts about you:

I've been horseback riding since I was six, musically love everything from Beethoven to A Perfect Circle, am a voracious reader and book collector, and I'm a great example of the American melting pot...French, Scottish, German, Irish, English and American Indian. My French great-grandfather fled his hometown of New Orleans to the mid-West after a bar fight in the 1800's, and my English/Irish great-grandmother's family in Kentucky made and sold moonshine during Prohibition along with running a tobacco farm. It's no surprise then that one of my favorite pastimes is great music and conversation while having a few drinks in a smoky pub.

Book or website you would like to recommend:

The Power of Myth (Bill Moyers interview with Joseph Campbell) changed my life when I was 17, and whether you read the book or watch the PBS series, it is a wonderful example of the beauty and possibilities in embracing all cultures, religions and people.





Call for Book Proposals
New Book Series by The Haworth Press:
Practical Guides for Librarians

The Haworth Press announces a new series of books, Practical Guides for Librarians, which are intended to serve as guides to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate new and existing services and programs. This series will describe practical solutions and give step-by-step guidance for creating and maintaining a wide range of services and programs in all types of libraries, from academic and public libraries, to special, medical, and law libraries, to archives and media centers. These essential books will provide basic “how to do it” advice based on the author’s experience, experiences gained from colleagues, and reviews of supporting research in the literature.

Authors are expected to write in clear and concise language, and to define any specialized terms or concepts so that librarians in different settings and with different responsibilities can learn from each other.

Haworth Press will market the Guides through its network of over 30 professional journals for libraries. Haworth’s librarianship journals cover the gamut of the library world, ranging from administration, reference, technical services, and acquisitions, to specialized subject areas including business, medicine, science, social science, and religion. The Press also mails out over 120,000 catalogs a year to all major and international library organizations.

Topics of particular interest are listed below. Prospective authors interested in any of these topics, or who have ideas for other Practical Guides, are encouraged to contact the series editor, M. Sandra Wood, at

Selected Topics of Interest for Practical Guides for Librarians:

  • Marketing services
  • Re-training/re-purposing staff
  • Strategic planning
  • Vendor negotiation
  • Web site usability studies
  • E-Serials collection development
  • Measurement & evaluation of electronic journal use
  • Consortia purchasing
  • Chat/electronic reference
  • ILL in the electronic age
  • Lending laptop computers
  • Weeding library collections (de-selection)
  • Handling gifts and exchanges
  • Evaluating approval plans
  • Selecting items for preservation
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Remote authentication
  • Wireless networks
  • User education for generations (x, z, baby boomers, etc.)
  • Newspapers in libraries and archives
  • Oral history projects
  • Photographic collections in libraries and archives
  • Teaching lab layouts
  • Writing for publication

Editor name and contact information

M. Sandra Wood, MLS, MBA, AHIP, FMLA
PO Box 1296
Camp Hill, PA 17001-1296



"Platero and I = Platero y yo" by Juan Ramon Jiminez                              (recommended by Maria Bellavance)

Book Review Group at All Saints Catholic Church is using a version with both the original Spanish and the English translation in the text. It is a precious collection of reflections by the author of time spent with his donkey Platero in Andalusia. The author received the Nobel Prize in literature in 1956 and is very well known in Europe for his poetic prose, but maybe not so well known in this country. 

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See (recommended by Marna Morland)

A language kept a secret for a thousand years forms the backdrop for an unforgettable novel of two Chinese women whose friendship and love sustains them through their lives. This absorbing novel takes place in 19th century China when girls had their feet bound, then spent the rest of their lives in seclusion with only a single window from which to see.  Illiterate and isolated, they were not expected to think, be creative, or have emotions. But in one remote county, women developed their own secret code, nu shu – "women's writing" – the only gender-based written language to have been found in the world.  Some girls were paired as "old-sames" in emotional matches that lasted throughout their lives.  They painted letters on fans, embroidered messages on handkerchiefs, and composed stories, thereby reaching out of their windows to share their hopes, dreams, and accomplishments.

The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis (available in Fondren Library) is a great read!  

It is part historical fiction, part fantasy, and part science-fiction.  The setting is the future, when Oxford University history majors actually have the ability to travel back in time to observe the time period they are studying.   A female student who goes back to the Middle Ages and of course things go terribly wrong!  A page-turner!


Imperium: A novel of ancient Rome by Robert Harris (Recommended by Ruthann Swanson) - this is a new book at Fondren Library Browsing Collection PR6058.A69147 I47 2006

Outbreak by Robin Cook (recommended by Cina Quezada)

Marie Antoinette: the Last Queen of France by Evelyne Lever and translated by Catherine Temerson, also God’s Snake by Irini Spanidou (recommended by Andrea Luttrell)



"Little Miss Sunshine"

"Written on the Wind" (recommended by Terre Heydari)

"Volver" by Pedro Almodovar is shown in Angelika theater starring Penelope Cruz Set in the beautiful village of La Mancha, Spain, the film follows three generations of women as they fight to survive fire, insanity and superstition.

"The Painted Veil" a remake of the 1934 film starring Greta Garbo is based on the acclaimed novel by W. Somerset Maugham. (recommended by Eva Cernosek)

"Kukushka" - in English "Cuckoo" This tragic comedy happens in September of 1944, a few days before Finland went out of the Second World War. A chained to a rock Finnish sniper-kamikaze Veikko managed to set himself free. Ivan, a captain of the Soviet Army, arrested by the Front Secret Police 'Smersh', has a narrow escape. They are soldiers of the two enemy armies. A Lapp woman Anni gives a shelter to both of them at her farm. How do they survive, when none of them speak each others languages? Wonderful scenes from North Finland. (recommended by Marja Rom)

"Miss Potter" (recommended by Janet Allmon)

“The beautiful landscape that captivated Beatrix Potter and inspired her beloved children's books is showcased in the film about the author’s life, "Miss Potter", starring Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor. Woven amongst romance and heartbreak, moviegoers will fall in love with the majestic destinations featured in "Miss Potter", which was shot on location in Northern England. The Lake District will enchant moviegoers, luring audiences to explore the countryside, mountains and lakes of Northern England for themselves.”Having both visited England’s Lake District with plans to revisit this summer and also having been delighted by Beatrix Potter’s illustrations, I thought this movie would be enjoyable. I did not know anything about Beatrix Potter’s personal life or about her effort to preserve the beauty of the Lake District by buying multiple farms to save them from retail development. Her personal story is touching and the acting is wonderful. You might think it a bit “silly” when Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck actually spring to life in a couple of “animated moments,” but it just adds to the charm of the movie!

"Water" by Deepa Mehta (recommended by Cina Quezada), is the final film of the trilogy on the elements: Fire and Earth (recommended as well)

“History Boys”, the film version of Alan Bennett’s hit play (recommended by Clare Lattimore) The story follows a group of male students working toward acceptance at the elite Oxbridge universities—and is about acceptance in a larger sense. I may have to see it again to catch all the literary references, a sad state for one with a BA in literature. It also offered the pleasure of seeing Frances de la Tour in a role other than the giantess in the most recent Harry Potter film (another less literary favorite).

“Lone Star” directed by John Sayles

“Badlands” by Terrance Mallick, and all movies by Mallick (recommended by Andrea Luttrell)


see web page at 




Brad Wehring  is going to be having a solo show of his artwork at 500X Gallery in February/March.  The title of the show is "Last Supper" and it opens February 10, 2007 with a reception from 6-10PM on that night.  It will run through March 4th.  More info will be at



The Best of the British Isles

England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland

11-25 June 2007

Dear Friend(s):

We are pleased to invite you to join our next European excursion, The Best of the British Isles. This four-country tour will feature highlights of England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. Beginning and ending in one of the world’s most fascinating cities, London, the adventure will immerse travelers in a wonderful mix of history, culture, and scenic beauty. From the first day to the last of The Best of the British Isles, travelers will enjoy a proper British experience.

From the majestic regal beauty of London’s Mall to the serene tranquility of the Irish countryside, the tour engages a diverse variety of unforgettable opportunities. Take an evening stroll along the River Thames, relax with a hot Irish coffee and scone atop the cliffs at the Ring of Kerry, shop for woolen products or a custom kilt in Edinburgh, or just saunter in the local pub for "chips and a pint."

Request a brochure and note the day-by-day highlights of this eventful trip through the British Isles. Consider joining us for an unforgettable experience. Embarkation from either Dallas or Chicago is available; space is limited so early booking is suggested.

Steve and JANETAllmon


Evenings: 214/341-9688



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