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March 2007

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DEAN'S TEA will be March 22nd at 10:00 a.m. in Texana room (Service awards presented)


LEAD March Event


Sam Ratcliffe, Head of Special Collections, Hamon, and Ellen Buie Niewyk, Curator, Bywaters Collection, will each discuss their current publication projects on artist Jerry Bywaters’ works.  

Ellen will give a PowerPoint presentation on the research and preparation for her manuscript:

Jerry Bywaters: Lone Star Printmaker, A Study of his Print Notebook, with a Catalogue of his Prints and a Checklist of his Illustrations and Ephemeral Works


 Sam will preview:

“Jerry Bywaters, Interpreter of the Southwest,” an exhibition of approximately fifty paintings and works on paper scheduled for the Meadows Museum at the end of this year that will be a companion exhibition to “Jerry Bywaters:  Lone Star Printmaker.”

Friday, March 30th at 10:00 am

Hawn Conference Room, Hamon Arts Library



The Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon is pleased to announce that we will be able to award two library school scholarships this year in the amount of $1,000 each. We have also decreased the employment requirement from twelve months to six months of employment with the SMU libraries for scholarship eligibility.

The scholarship application with full details is attached. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, April 18, 2007. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions. (


The Grants Committee of the Friends will meet in mid-April to discuss distribution of funds to the SMU libraries.  They will present their recommendations to the Friends board at the May board meeting. 

Traditionally, grants are awarded to purchase materials and/or to fund services or projects that are not within the usual library operating budgets.  Because of the successful fundraising associated with Tables of Content, we are able to offer a minimum of $30,000 for grants this year.  Please note that we usually receive requests that total more than the funds we have available.  Therefore, it is possible that some requests may not be granted or that some may be partially funded.

After discussions with your staff and supervisor, please submit your requests to me by Wednesday, April 18, 2007.  Indicate the dollar amount of your proposal and submit the written requests through the Friends Office, Room 320, Fondren Library East or email your requests to me at 

Thanks so much!









The Hamon Library would like to welcome Greg Dawson as our Evening and Weekend Circulation Supervisor.  He is responsible for supervising and assisting with circulation services in the evenings and most of the weekend, as well has heading up our Shelflister program and bindery procedures.  Greg completed his Bachelor of Arts from Austin College in Sherman, TX in 2005 with majors in business administration and history.  While studying, he interned at the Red River Historical Museum, and he has most recently been a Music Manager at Barnes & Noble.  If you haven’t met Greg yet, please stop by and welcome him!


Sarah Haight begun her work on Monday, March 5,2007 in CIP as our new electronic resources cataloger (with additional reference responsibilities).

Sarah is a December 2006 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she earned her MSLS degree. She also holds an MA in the History of Art and Architecture from UC-Santa Barbara and a BA from the University of Notre Dame, where her concentration was in liberal studies and art history. She has experience in academic library work in the areas of cataloging, reference, and user education.

Sarah’s e-mail address is and her telephone extension in x82317. I hope that you will welcome her to CUL when you see her.

Lacey Damara started in a new position in CIP. She has been promoted from her previous part-time position to the full-time position recently vacated by Ada Negraru. Lacey will continue to carry out her acquisitions responsibilities (places all online orders, works on invoicing and procurement card reconciliation) in addition to taking on new standing order duties (checking in, cataloging, database maintenance, etc.). She began working in CIP last September and has been a valuable addition to the Department. If you do not know Lacey, please stop by and meet her. You can also congratulate her on this well-deserved promotion.




Thank you, Linda Sellers!

I have been asked to say a few words about Ms. Linda Sellers and that is very difficult to do based on all the library positions she has held at SMU since she started in about 1974.  It has been a fruitful and beneficial journey for what we now call CUL, and I hope it has been for Linda as well.  I have had the honor to work in the system with Linda since 1978, and I have seldom seen a harder worker in any position into which she was placed. I am not sure she ever missed a meeting that she or someone else called, and if she did, there was good reason.  From Government Documents in the beginning to Head of Public Services before she took on Fort Burgwin Library, she has done a fine job in all the positions.  But I will remember her best for the contribution she has made in the development of the Library at Fort Burgwin in the Fred Wendorf Information Commons. Linda was the key figure in the designing of the Library and one of the major figures in the design of the Commons.  Besides that, Linda has done a fine job in running the library since about 1990, and witnessed the change from a room with books and journals to a world class facility.  I do not even think Linda knows how many hours over the required work time she has put into this project--she holds with the view: Get the job done, and do it well.  I could say much more, but let me finish by saying: Linda, thank you! I am sure I speak as well for the Libraries at SMU and the SMU community. 


John F. S. Phinney, Head, ISEM Library   


Congratulations, Heather!                                         

Mary Queyrouze's daughter, Heather  - a 2006 Cinema - Television graduate of SMU, had her short student film, "Poison," chosen to be shown at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival as part of SMU Presents -- a group of student films. SMU presents will be shown at 10:00 PM on March 27th at the Magnolia 5. From the AFI program, it is billed as, "In a comic book film noir, a female assassin's final kill of her career goes wrong. When there is a mix-up with her poison, her victim finds himself more embarrassed than dead." 



Nancy Rubenstein experiencing the cloud forest of Costa Rica. Nancy and her husband also visited the lovely beaches and jungles of Costa Rica where they enjoyed seeing lots of monkeys and sloths.


A Wedding shower honoring Alisa Marie Rata & Daniel Robert Stutzbach  was held

Monday, March 12, 11:00 - 1:00 DeGolyer Library, Texana Room.

Congratulations Alisa & Daniel!




Happy Birthday!!!

Sola Babatunde - March 10th

Betty Friedrich - March 25th

Lois Nickel - March 28th

Sam Ratcliffe - March 29th

Cindy Ruppi - March 31st




Spring 2007



March Madness: Southern Methodist University Men's Basketball
March 2, 2007 to March 29.


The Art of the Caricature:  Prints from Vanity Fair, 1869 – 1900
(Opening - TBA) - April 26, 2007

Hours: Monday - Saturday 9 - 5 pm; Sunday 1 - 5 pm
For more information, call: 214-768-1853




Sacred Harmony:
The Musical Wesley Family - will feature correspondence, hymn and tune collections, books, and scores illustrating the formation and development of eighteenth-century British Wesleyan-style worship song, and the musical education and career of several generations of the Wesley family.

1 February– 28 April 2007
Curated by Carlton R. Young




Sarah Haight, CIP

Professional/Educational background:

BA, Program of Liberal Studies and Art History, University of Notre Dame (Program of liberal studies is a great books program) MA, Art History, University of California, Santa Barbara (specialized in British art in 18-19 centuries; subspecialties in Continental and American art during the same period)MSLS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Worked in interlibrary loans at UCSB before attending library school.  During library school, I worked primarily in the GrantSource Library at UNC-CH, where I helped graduate students and researchers find funding to carry out their studies and projects.  I also completed internships in the Health Sciences Library at UNC-CH and the Carrboro Branch Library. While I was a graduate student at UCSB, I taught art history classes, mainly Western survey courses. 

Hobbies and interests:

Now that I’m finally done with graduate school, I’m spending lots more time leisure reading, trying to keep my cats from tearing each other and my apartment apart, and spending time with my husband (we’ve been on opposite coasts for most of the past 2 years).  As the weather gets nicer, we’re looking forward to tuning up our bikes and finding places to ride them, as well as exploring Dallas.  We’re both very interested in classical music and went to watch the DSO our first weekend here.

Interesting facts about you:

I grew up in a small farm town in Kansas, so I’m quite used to the flat part of the country, and in fact like it.  While attending Burlington High School, I took taxidermy class, and made a deer skin rug.  All its hair fell out a few years ago, probably due to my experimentation with a new process for breaking the hide (I decided to use a power sander).  So I would not recommend that, if you are planning to tan a deer hide any time soon.  I can give you my theories as to why it didn’t work, if you really care!

Book or website you would like to recommend:

Measuring the World, by Daniel Kehlmann.  I only enjoy some historical fiction, but I really liked this one, which examines the lives of Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt.  It was short and sweet, and the translation read very well.  I’m also finally getting a chance to read The Once and Future King by T.H. White, which is one of everybody else’s favorite books.  I’m starting to understand why!





  • In public services, there is a great deal of interest in designing library space for the current generation of students. In the latest Journal of Academic Librarianship, there is this article on the subject: (Toni Nolen recommends)

  • Two articles by Deanna B. Marcum, who is president of the Council on Library and Information Resources. She previously served as the director of Public Service and Collection Management at the Library of Congress and, before that, as dean of the School of Library and Information Science at the Catholic University of America. From 1980 to 1989, she was first a program officer and then vice president of the Council on Library Resources. Marcum holds a PhD in American studies from the University of Maryland, an MLS in library science from the University of Kentucky, and a BA in English from the University of Illinois.

    In the first reference she elaborates LC's decision to stop creating series authority records. The second article is about international collaboration in digitization and its influence on scientific research and cataloging in the university libraries.

  • (Marja Rom recommends)
  • Karen Calhoun currently works as a Senior Associate University Librarian for Information Technology and Technical Services (ITTS) at the Cornell University Library.

  • The Article is called "The Changing Nature of the Catalog and its Integration with other Discovery Tools".                   (Marja Rom recommends)



Library hours during "Spring Break":






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