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March - April 2008


Friends of the SMU Libraries held the 9th Annual Tables of Content Saturday, April 5th. The event this year was attended by one hundred and fifty guests with seventeen table hosts. Among the hosts were SMU's own Provost and distinguished professors. Dallas notables hosting this year were Tom and Sally Dunning, Gary Cogill and Ben Fountain. Proceeds from the event will benefit all SMU Libraries.

Division News

New Staff

The Center for Information Processing is pleased to welcome Michelle Hahn as our new Music Cataloger.   Michelle comes to us from Indiana University in Bloomington where she completed her Master of Library Science degree in August of last year.  While studying at Bloomington Michelle worked in a variety of positions, including Music Cataloging Intern for Sound Recordings and Library Assistant for Reference and Instruction.   Originally from the Cleveland, Ohio, area, Michelle is a former member of Kiwanis Kavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  She attended Ohio University in Athens where she graduated cum laude with a degree in Music Education with bassoon emphasis; her minor was music therapy.   Please stop by and greet Michelle and be sure to take a moment to ponder just what are the odds of CIP’s having three bassoonists in residence at any given time.


Do you remember McBeeTM cards? KardexTM trays? Transfer paper and electric pencils?

pic Come on…admit it…not only do you remember them…you’re hiding them, aren’t you? You can’t bear to throw them out. You must keep them safe – safe from those relentless organizers and thrower-outers who don’t understand them. Preserved for future generations of library workers who must never forget how much we suffered in those dark days before automation. pic The Exhibits Committee understands, and we want to help. Like you, The Exhibits Committee wants to preserve our library history. If you have a secret stash of library artifacts (or if you’ve just uncovered a box of weird stuff you can’t identify), we want to take care of them for you. Let us identify them, label them, and store them for future exhibits and for posterity. Contact The Exhibits Committee at: jeatmon@smu.edu The Exhibits Committee understands. You don’t have to bear the burden alone.

As the Spring Semester ends, so does our time with Pat Arnold, Temporary Reference Librarian. Pat has worked the weekday morning reference shift since last fall, and has proven herself indispensible during holidays and staff vacations. We will miss Pat and the 30-years of library experience that she brought to this crucial service point at the Fondren Library Center. Although Pat is officially retired, she continues to have an impact on the field of librarianship. As the Chairwoman of the Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Division, Pat will represent this Group at the Special Libraries Association meeting in Seattle this June. “I have served this Division as the Chair two different times,” said Pat. “I’m finding the duties to be easier the second time around. I am looking forward to this particular meeting because I am attending a program featuring Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet.” I believe everyone has enjoyed Pat’s stories about her 19 years as Librarian at Frito-Lay, Inc. While I have tried to coax the Fritos recipe out of her several times, Pat’s discretion and loyalty to her former employer will not budge. Although we won’t see Pat Monday through Friday anymore, she has agreed to return to the Fondren Library Center on an on call basis. We wish Pat the best. FYI – Goodbye party plans are pending!

Staff News

Dave Schmidt can be found directing the multiple award-winning drama "Proof" at The Dupree Theater in the Irving Arts Center, May 30 – June 14. This Pulitzer and Tony award-winner focuses on "a young woman, troubled with grief over the death of her mentally ill, genius father." Tickets are $17, but a discount coupon is available through Dave, x. 82284.

Dawn Youngblood was named Chairwoman of the Cartography Specialty Group, a Division of the American Association of Geographers. Dawn accepted this honor at AAG's Annual Meeting this month in Boston.

Exhibition News

Christine Sanford Devotion to Blue
March 31-May 2, 2008

"My primary interest in painting is in the experimentation with endless nuances of color combination possibilities. I agree with the statement often made “color is feeling, color has emotional resonance.” I consider my paintings color meditations. My ever-evolving style would be defined as pentimento—the traditional technique of layering color upon color through the use of glazes. I am concerned with achieving a sense of atmosphere and mystery. With my buried transparent colors I try to create depth, space, reflected or emerging light. Using all sorts of tools and brushes I am slowly establishing a painting language. I work to accept the lack of certainty and am eager to see what comes into play with each new painting. I believe in the notion of transcendence and spiritual possibilities while painting. Above all I value my personal experience in the studio.*"

Christine Sanford

Devotion to Blue Nantucket, MA

* The above quote and images of her work can be found here.

The Stewart Irvin Oost Collection
March 28, 2008 - April 28th, 2008

Described as “one of the largest private collections of books on classics and ancient history in the United States”, The Stewart Irvin Oost Collection consists of many thousands of books and pamphlets in over seventeen languages dating from as early as the 16th century. Upon Oost’s death in 1981, he left his entire collection to SMU which included the collections of the Greek scholars and professors Benedict Einarson and Paul Shorey from the University of Chicago. The collection also included documents Einarson left to Oost containing notes, personal material, correspondence, and family items.

Click here for more about this collection.

Staff Recommends

From Marna Morland

To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis
1999 Hugo Award for best novel Nebula Award nominee Available at Fondren Library

PS3573.I45652 T6 1998

Staff Spotlight

Michelle Hahn

Professional/Educational background:
“I have an undergraduate degree in music education with a focus on music therapy from Ohio University. I have a Masters in Library Science with a specialization in Music Librarianship from Indiana University. I worked in both the public and technical service ends of music libraries at Ohio and Indiana, as well as general reference experience at Indiana and in the online environment of Walden University. I am also a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, an international women’s music fraternity.”
Hobbies and interests:
“I like laughter, baseball, football, potatoes, and OhioLink.”
Interesting facts about you:
“I play the bassoon. I have been to the following races: bicycles, roller skates, rubber ducks, outhouses, and cardboard boats. I have a fear of underwater lights (such as those in a pool) because of the movie “20,000 leagues under the sea.”
Book or website you would like to recommend
“My favorite website is http://www.fakeisthenewreal.org/eap_vnw/. It looks very legitimate, but is obviously not plausible, so it makes a great example of thinking critically about information in an Information Literacy Instruction session!”

A Word from E C Member

From Mary Queyrouze

Systems/CUL ISS -- This past year has been one of exciting changes and new opportunities to better serve the changing needs of our users in all SMU libraries. We’ve reorganized our department and taken on new responsibilities for web development and helped to provide support for the new Student Multimedia Center and CUL Digital Projects center. We continue our commitment to Public Services. We participated in the evaluation and selection of a digital asset management system. We are constantly challenged with keeping pace with the rapid changes in technology in order to continue to support our production library systems, support electronic resources and networking, and provide desktop support and technology consulting. We’ve been energized by learning new skills and we’ve streamlined and re-focused into a team environment to work more effectively.

Hats -- We frequently joke about the many hats our small department wears. Are we wearing our SMU Libraries Systems Office support hat – to support the production library systems – Voyager, ILLiad, EZProxy, and others? Everyone in our office supports our production systems and pitches in to handle help tickets as needed. Are we wearing our troubleshooting and support hat for CUL desktop support needs? Which planning hat do we wear to effectively use limited technology upgrade funding to keep nearly 400 CUL PCs and networked printers upgraded and operational? How can we keep pace with the increasing technology requirements required to run the latest software and meet new technology needs of our users? We added a new web development hat with the challenge to completely re-design the CUL website and the SMU Libraries website. Our latest new hat is to implement and support a new digital asset management system to provide access and preserve CUL special collection materials.

Web Team -- The CUL web redesign project is an ongoing project. The team (led by Jorge Cruz with team members Brad Wehring and Michael Seifi) successfully implemented a CUL web “facelift” in January to provide a new look and increased functionality while the “heavy lifting” redesign work is done. The Web Team is now working behind the scenes, analyzing the site’s current content and making suggestions for how the site could be reorganized, and how existing web publishing workflows could be restructured. More details will be forthcoming soon, and announced via culnews. The web team is here to help staff publish information on the web. If anyone has anything to contribute to the News section of our website, please fill out a help ticket.

Systems/ Desktop Support Team – With the reorganization of our department, Andy Maupin expanded her role for CUL desktop support by taking on responsibility for public computers and printers She and Christine Asberry Milazzo provide primary support for CUL desktop support/consulting needs at all CUL libraries. Once Andy relocated full-time to the third floor Systems Office, she began training to learn to create public computer software loads in order to “refresh” the public PC loads with critical updates and printer changes. Based on feedback from students, she recently loaded and installed 6 additional new computers in the SIC and 12 in the Information Commons public areas and made changes to all FLC complex public computers to add color printing capabilities. Next she will work with Toni Nolen on a pilot test of duplex printing for the public.

While continuing to provide hardware and software planning, scheduling PC upgrades, and providing desktop support, Christine tackled several additional special projects this year, including several involving graphic design. She is designing and installing new staff office signs throughout the complex, coordinated the training for the Office 2007 migration for CUL, completed the mandatory laptop encryption process, incorporated security awareness training into new employee orientations, designed a new wireless printing logo for SMU and designed and produced marketing materials for the 2007 Back to School Tent Event. Her next big project will be planning PC upgrades so we’ll be ready for Vista-or the next new operating system. She is also leading the space re-design for FLE 306 and 310 to provide more effective team office space for our new responsibilities and collaborative team work.

Electronic Resources and Networking – Toni Nolen continues to stay extremely busy juggling the systems/electronic resources/networking and public services responsibilities of her position. Toni’s primary responsibilities are to provide functional and technical support for library systems and desktop computing for staff and public computers and work with Collection Development and the CUL Electronic Resources team to plan, implement, and manage CUL electronic resources. She also serves on the President’s Advisory Committee on the Needs of Persons with Disabilities. 25% of her position is devoted to providing reference desk support and she teaches several user education classes.

Help -- So many hats, so much to do. We are here to assist and support your technology needs. Please help us by always opening a help ticket at http://help.libraries.smu.edu or calling the Help Line at 83029. In the past year or so, more and more staff members have learned to trust this process as a reliable way to get help! We depend on the process to keep us on track and ensure we don’t miss your requests for support.

Mary Queyrouze

Newsletter Editor

Beverly Mitchell
Fine Arts and Dance Librarian
Hamon Arts Library
Southern Methodist University
Email: bmitchel@smu.edu
Phone: 214-768-2796

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