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Welcome To ASMD@D - The Somewhat Different Conference

27th Austin Symposium on Molecular Structure and Dynamics at Dallas (ASMD@D)

Saturday, March 3 to Monday, March 5, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, USA

On behalf of the Organizing Committee we have the pleasure of inviting structural chemists, molecular spectroscopists, chemists working on dynamics, and computational chemists from around the globe to visit Dallas, Texas, USA in the first week of March 2018 and to attend the ASMD@D 2018.

For more than 50 years the ASMDs (see Previous Programs) have been important gathering points for internationally recognized experts, researchers, and students working in structural chemistry, molecular spectroscopy and molecular dynamics, as well as computational chemistry. Thousands of scientists with expertise in diffraction methods, spectroscopy, and computational methods have taken advantage of previous ASMDs to present and discuss novel methods and techniques, unusual molecular structures, and interesting reaction dynamics. In the past ASMDs have been often the incubator of new research projects and in more than one case initialized work that was recognized by the Nobel Committee in Stockholm (see History).

Dieter Cremer 2016

In 2012, the ASMD moved to Dallas and became the ASMD at Dallas (ASMD@D), organized by the Computational and Theoretical Chemistry Group (CATCO) at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas, USA.

The 27th Annual Symposium is dedicated in memoriam of Dieter Cremer (1944 - 2017), who served as Chairman of the 2012, 2014, and 2016 ASMD@D meetings vitalizing the symposia with many new refreshing ideas and inspiring scientific discussions. He will be honored in a special issue of Molecular Physics.

In 2018, the venue of the ASMD@D will be Highland Dallas Hotel across the Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus responding to the suggestion of the board members and many conference participants to bring the venue closer to SMU and Dallas downtown. The Highland Dallas provides besides a modern conference center, a comfortable environment for ample discussions and leisure time. The hotel can be easily reached in a 40-minute taxi drive (26 miles) from the Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport or, alternatively, by the DART train connection between the DFW International Airport and Mockingbird Station, which is next to the conference hotel at 5300 E Mockingbird Lane. For national flights, Dallas Love Field Airport might be more convenient, which is just a 10-minute taxi drive away (6 miles).

The official conference program of the ASMD@D 2018 will begin on Saturday morning, March 3 and will end Monday evening, March 5 with a fare-well dinner. For conference participants being already in Dallas on Friday, March 2, a well-come dinner will be served. Please note, that both dinners as well as all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the official conference days (March 3 to March 5) are included in the registration fee.

The number of plenary, invited lectures, and poster sessions will be similar to those at previous ASMDs. The Symposium Banquet with lecture and presentation of the ASMD@D prices will take place Sunday evening, March 4 at the Highland Dallas hotel.

The ASMD@D 2018 will be organized in the spirit of previous symposia:

  • Listen and discuss
  • Meet international experts
  • No parallel sessions
  • A place where important interdisciplinary work can start
  • A place where new positions can be found

ASMD@Ds offer ample time for listening to colleagues, getting inspired, informed, and engaged in scientific discussions, so that the seed of future interdisciplinary projects can be laid. Helpful in this connection is the fact that parallel sessions are avoided.

ASMD@Ds are international rather than national or local meetings. Similarly, as done in the past, the organizers will and have already invited a number of internationally recognized speakers from the broader area of structural chemistry, spectroscopy, molecular dynamics, and computational chemistry.

We will also attempt to attract a number of younger colleagues and students. Please note that, as in previous years, ASMD@D 2018 is an excellent platform for younger scientists to establish contacts and lay the basis for future postdoctoral or academic positions. A detailed schedule will be worked out in the months to come.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Dallas March 2018.

Elfi Kraka on behalf of the Organizers

Conference Theme

Experiment, Theory and Beyond.

Conference Mottos

Listen and Discuss

Listen and Discuss

No Parallel Sessions

No Parallel Sessions

International Speakers

International Speakers

Plenary Speakers (2018)

  • Professor Steven Boxer

    Structure and Function of Biological Systems
    Steven Boxer
  • Professor Ken Houk

    Computer Modeling of Organic/Biochemical Systems
    Ken Houk
  • Professor William Jorgensen

    Computer-aided Design & Development of Therapeutic Agents
    William Jorgensen
  • Professor K. V. Lakshmi

    Pulsed EPR/Solids NMR Spectroscopy
    K. V. Lakshmi
  • Professor Kenneth Leopold

    High Resolution Microwave Spectroscopy
    Kenneth Leopold
  • Professor Leo Radom

    Computational Quantum Chemistry
    Leo Radom
  • Professor Markus Reiher

    Quantum Chemistry & Quantum Computing
    Markus Reiher
  • Dr. Matthias Rupp

    Machine Learning for Atomistic Systems
    Matthias Rupp


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