Presentation Notes

Presentation Notes for the Austin Symposium

You will find the day and time of your presentation on this webpage under the entry "Conference Schedule," which will be finalized by February 6, 2023. Authors are strongly advised to upload their presentations before the beginning of the conference to the following link: The technical staff will have one PC and one Mac computer available for your presentation with software for PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice, and PDF presentations.

In order to identify the presenter and the session, please name the file of your presentation: LASTNAME_SessionX. For example, SMITH_Session3 would indicate that the name of the presenter is Smith and that their presentation belongs to the third session.

If you are presenting in a morning session, please upload your presentation to or give it to the technical staff via USB flash memory drive the day before your presentation. If you are presenting in an afternoon session, please make your presentation available in the early morning of that day. The technical staff will load your presentation onto one of the computers and make sure that it works. Use of personal laptops for your presentation is unfortunately not possible.

Technical Instructions:

  • The poster must be a maximum 36" wide x 48" high (portrait orientation) for best fit onto the poster boards. Landscape orientation is not recommended.
    Poster Dimensions
  • The posters will be mounted in alphabetical order on the poster boards provided in Ballroom C of the Hughes-Trigg center, starting Saturday, February 18 at noon.
  • Each poster has a sign identifying the poster number (PO1, PO2, etc.). Please check the conference book, pages 53-56 for your poster number.
  • Material for mounting the poster will be provided.
  • Please note that each presenter has the opportunity to introduce their poster in a maximum 2-minute oral presentation in front of the audience, starting Saturday afternoon at 4:30 pm, see the “Conference Schedule”.
  • Posters have to be taken down by Monday morning at 7:30 am.