Presentation Notes

Presentation Notes for the Austin Symposium

You will find the day and time of your presentation at the conference webpage under the entry "Schedule," which will be finalized at the end of January. Authors are strongly advised to send their presentations by email before the beginning of the conference to the following email address: dallassymposium [at] The technical staff will have one PC and one Mac computer available for your presentation with software for PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice, and PDF presentations.

In order to identify the presenter and the session, please name the file of your presentation: LASTNAME_SessionX For example SMITH_Session3, would indicate that the name of the presenter is Smith and that his presentation belongs to the third session.

If you do not send your presentation before the beginning of the conference or if your presentation exceeds 25MB, you can give it via USB flash memory drive to the technical staff. If you are presenting in a morning session please give your presentation to the technical staff the day before your presentation. If you are presenting in an afternoon session, please give your presentation to the technical staff the morning of the day of your presentation. They will help you loading your presentation onto one of these computers. Use of personal laptops for your presentation is strongly discouraged.

Technical Instructions:

  • The poster must be a maximum 36" wide x 48" high (portrait orientation). Landscape orientation is not recommended.
  • The posters will be mounted onto the hotel foyer walls in alphabetical order. There will be numbered tags on the walls and you will receive your number when you register.
  • Special tape for mounting your poster will be provided.