Remote Work Options

VPN + Remote Desktop


Use Microsoft's Remote Desktop software to connect to your work computer. You'll need to leave your work computer on and disable any sleep/hibernation settings.

Setup Instructions

VPN + Your own computer

Your own personal computer will be your primary workstation. VPN is required to access network drives, Skype and certain applications.

VPN Instructions

Services that will work after VPN is connected:

Microsoft Outlook Skype for Business Accessing Network Drives PIA page Sitecore

Other Resources
(VPN optional)

You can do plenty without VPN. Access the following services and downloads with only your SMU login.

my.SMU Webmail Apps.SMU Create Zoom Meeting Install Microsoft Office Install Adobe Products

Video Conferencing


Unless you're initiating a meeting, you don't need to preemptively install anything for Zoom. Just click on the link from a Zoom invite and you'll be prompted to install whatever is required. To create a meeting, use the Zoom client or visit SMU's Zoom website.

It is best to launch a Zoom meeting from your local computer instead of remote desktop, so you will have access to your computer's camera and audio hardware. Zoom's invitation will provide a phone# to call in incase participant has no mic.

Zoom with student


You can use Zoom to invite anyone within or outside of SMU. Just use "Copy Invitation" button/link from your Zoom meeting and email it to whomever.

The invitation is available to you in Zoom client and you can start the meeting anytime; just coordinate with the person you sent the invitation to. If you use the Zoom website, you'll be able to schedule a meeting and export it to Outlook.

Skype with student

More cumbersome

You can also Skype a student or anyone outside SMU by creating a Skype meeting in your Outlook/Webmail and inviting the guests by email.

For camera/audio/mic to work properly, it is best to have VPN, Outlook and Skype all running on your home computer (not remote desktop). If you're using webmail then Outlook is not required.



Departmental Email

You can access departmental email accounts through Webmail. Just login and click on your profile icon at the top-right corner and select "Open another mailbox...". Type in the name or email of the account.

Remote Desktop 2x Screens

By default, remote desktop will open with the primary monitor from your work computer. You can view all of your monitors by making the selection under "Display" tab before you connect.

Watch Youtube Tutorial


Technically the third connection option, Apps.SMU is a virtual environment that users can use to work instead of connecting with VPN. All applications can be launched directly from the Apps.SMU website and have access to user's complete network profile. (Nothing is installed on user's local computer.)

Try it out

Phone Fowarding

OIT have webpages dedicated to telephone and voicemail features.


OIT Help

OIT also have a webpage and support dedicated to online readiness.

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