Augustine Garza

Honorary Membership
University of Texas - Austin

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest TACRAO Honorary Member for 2017, Mr. Augustine Garza. He started at the University of Texas as an Assistant Director of Admissions in 1974. He progressed through the ranks as an Associate Director, then as Executive Director. He retired (the first time) in 2012, but returned a month later for another almost three years part-time, and then two more years of fulltime service, and after 43 years of service, Mr. Augustine Garza retired in September, 2017. While at the University of Texas, he worked with 6 directors of Admissions, and served under 8 university presidents.

Augie's involvement with TACRAO began almost immediately, as he was chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for the 55th Annual Meeting in Austin, in 1976. He served on committees (Nominations, and School Relations), presented and moderated sessions, before being named chair of the Local Arrangements Committee for 62nd Annual meeting, also in Austin, in 1983.

Recognizing his leadership ability, he served on the TACRAO Executive Committee from 1983 through 1986, as President-Elect, President, and Past President. The annual meeting for his presidential year, 1985, was held here in South Padre Island. While many people feared that the membership would not travel so far south for an annual meeting, it proved to be a great success.

Following his time on the TACRAO Executive Committee, Augie continued to be active in TACRAO, moderating and presenting sessions, and encouraging his staff to get involved. He has always been willing to share his wisdom and knowledge, and served as a mentor to many in the TACRAO membership.

The University of Texas and TACRAO were not his only activities. He also spent 40 years as a track official at the Texas Relays each spring.
In retirement, he is spending his time building some spec houses in east Austin, and, not surprisingly, will continue to read a few applications for the Admissions Office.

For his service to higher education, and to TACRAO, I am pleased to recognize Mr. Augustine Garza as TACRAO Honorary Member 2017.