Bobby Lothringer

President's Award
Texas Woman's University

One of the true honors of serving as the TACRAO President is the option of recognizing members for particularly distinguished service with the President's Award. Short of bestowing Honorary Membership, TACRAO offers no higher recognition. Just in the past five years, the President's Award has been received by such distinguished and still-current dignitaries as Jeff Fuller in 2013 (who soon after was elected to NACAC President), Paige Bussell in 2012 (who was later elected to TACRAO Vice President), and Joe Papari in 2010 (who soon thereafter was elected TACRAO Treasurer and then SACRAO President) - proof that their respective accomplishments are widely recognized.

As an all-volunteer organization, made up of extremely busy individuals, TACRAO is not only maintained, but continues its growth thanks to the dedication of many members who serve on committees, develop professional and educational sessions, and provide stable leadership. While every member plays a critical role in the organization, some recognize that they lack the time or present skill set to perform additional service. Others agree to assume the overload and embrace the challenges that accompany the additional responsibilities. To quote Dave Stones (icon of TACRAO, SACRAO, and AACRAO as well as the 2000 President's Award recipient himself), "These are the unsung heroes of TACRAO, and they are the lifeblood of the organization."

When I assumed the TACRAO President role, I knew immediately who my choice would be. Bobby Lothringer, Registrar at Texas Woman's University, does it all! (Hopefully, his wife was able to keep our secret under wraps.) I would like to ask Bobby to slowly make his way to the front, I need to take some time to sufficiently embarrass him.

When asked to serve as co-chair of Local Arrangements for the Addison Annual Meeting in 2007, Bobby said YES - even after his co-chair, Becky, was picked by Nominations & Elections to be President-Elect, dumping the remainder on her loving hubby. As chair, he SCORED! He was elected to serve as TACRAO Vice-President with two years of distinguished service on the Executive Committee. He learned to avoid another Executive Committee position by being elected to Nominations & Elections, most recently serving as chair - which goes to the individual receiving the most votes from the membership. He has served on countless committees and given numerous presentations. Then, during preparations for the 2014 Annual Meeting in Waco, a vacancy opened on Local Arrangements for the Treasurer position. Even though he was from outside of the TACRAO regions supporting the Local Arrangements, Bobby graciously assumed the role and set an impressive standard for the way the LAC financial records are maintained and reported for audit. His records were so innovative, timely, meticulous, and easy to follow that the Audit Committee strongly recommended adopting the "Lothringer Method" for all future LAC's.

If he has a fault, it is never saying NO. In spite of his busy workload at TWU, his own pursuit of educational advancement, and keeping up with Becki and their huge dog, Raider, Bobby keeps coming back for more - and we love him for that commitment - or possibly he SHOULD be committed, I am not sure. He is the true "Energizer Bunny" and I have no doubt that someday he and his dear colleagues will actually complete that book they have planned of crazy student stories.

I understand that Bobby's boss (other than Becki), Gary Ray, may also be with us tonight to witness this honor. Becki and Mr. Ray, thank you for sharing Bobby with us! It is my true pleasure to present the 2015 President's Award to Mr. Bobby Lothringer.