Budge Mabry

Honorary Membership
Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service

Budge Mabry received his BBA from UT Austin in 1962. He worked as accountant and auditor in private industry 1964-80. He was Assistant Registrar at the UT Health Science Center - San Antonio 1980-84, Associate Registrar 1984-94 except for one year as Acting Registrar. He became Director of the University of Texas System Medical and Dental Application Center 1994-1999, then Director of Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service 1999-2012, including Founding Director for the initial 11-12 years of JAMP (Joint Application Medical Program).

He has been very active in TACRAO, most notably in local arrangements. He was LAC Chair at the 1987 San Antonio TACRAO, and again in 1993 where his jazz band provided entertainment, and a third time at the 1996 Austin TACRAO. He was a committee chair within TACRAO LAC for the 2006 Austin meeting, and has also been member and chair of the Auditing Committee and the Graduate & Professional School Committee, with service on TACRAO N&E, Legislative Issues, Long Range Planning (91-92). He has been a frequent presenter and moderator.

In 1958, while a member of the Longhorn Marching Band, where he was an officer, he co-authored the drum section's marching cadence to which the Longhorn Band enters the stadium to this very day. He has been a proud member of the Longhorn Alumni Band ever since.

When negotiating with the hotel in San Antonio on meal prices, he challenged them to match the quality and price of the Denny's Grand Slam breakfast. He got a good deal. He always emphasized a good location for the hospitality suite and a good crew to work it. He enjoys remembering his work helping Bob Johnston with Physical Arrangements for the 1991 AACRAO meeting in Dallas. The crew had fairly heavy walkie-talkies in their pockets, and they got a call that Del Long's pants had dropped from the weight.

Budge retired in February, 2012, and lives in Georgetown with his wife, Bobbie. They have been married for 16 years, having met when he was playing with the Alamo City Jazz Band at a festival in San Francisco. He still plays drums and washboard (one of life's thimble pleasures) for Second Line Jazz Band, with a regular gig at Star Co. Coffee & Café in Round Rock and yearly at the Comedy Club in Austin. He handles the percussion for his church, and was recently timpanist in Mozart's Requiem Mass. As if he isn't already busy enough, he gardens, travels, and takes a full load of classes at the Senior University.