Jeff Fuller

President's Award
University of Houston

TACRAO is a volunteer organization made up of members consistently busy in their everyday jobs. Many of our members volunteer to serve while maintaining their already busy lives. As our association grows and prospers, the one thing that remains constant is change - but change that will allow us to work smarter and more efficiently. Technology is one of those changes that has made our lives easier, increases student satisfaction and has made our daily processes more proficient.

Our High School Relations Committee, chaired by Jeff Fuller, has made a big impact over the past couple of years with the use of scanner technology. The days of attending a College Night and requesting that students complete our paper forms have changed significantly since the implementation of this wonderful technology. The difference this has made to our recruiters, admissions officers, students and parents is unbelievable. The turnaround time in responding to our prospective students has decreased due to this technology. Most recently our College Day/Night Schedule went paperless. This change in distribution of the schedule allowed for the updating of event changes and the easy export of such events.

Jeff Fuller embodies the vision and leadership to lead the High School Relations Committee and has impacted many across the State of Texas. His dedication to TACRAO and his commitment to higher education prove that he is LEADING TEXANS TO SUCCESS. I am happy to present Jeff Fuller with the 2013 TACRAO President's Award.

Oscar Reyna
TACRAO President