Jerry L. McGauhey

Honorary Membership
University of Texas - Health Science Center at Houston

Jerry graduated from the University of Houston in 1973 with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Technology which included participation with Nuclear Medicine Labs of Texas and NASA and the Johnson Space Center. After graduation, Jerry went to work with Houston Lighting and Power Company. After a four-year stint there, Jerry moved to IBM where he spent the next 15 years as a System and Customer Engineer.

And then in August of 1993, Jerry joined the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston where he has served as a Business Systems Analyst, Network Support Specialist and Administrative Assistant.

Jerry's service to TACRAO included many presentations at the annual conference and at the annual Texas SPEEDE conferences. He served on several program committees and was a valuable member of the Technology Committee for many years. And, for several years, he served as the webmaster for our website when it was housed at UTHSC in Houston making sure the website, Newsletter, listserv and program database was maintained and functioning. Jerry received the President's Award in 2001 from President Dorothy Kiser.

Dorothy Kiser, also an Honorary TACRAO member, noted - "Jerry was one of those people you could always count on when I was on the TEC. He did so many behind-the-scenes things while I was in TACRAO. He is top-notch in my book."

Dave Stones, in his nomination of Jerry, said that Jerry was a supporter of standards and that they must be followed. To which John Hall concurred saying, "His nickname is Mr. Standards, which he advocated and preached for the betterment of our profession and organization."

One nominator said, "When I was new to the Registrar profession, I learned quickly you needed to surround yourself with smart people. And the same was for TACRAO, it became very apparent that Jerry was as smart as they come and he could help dummies like me understand the technical side of Higher Ed and how it related to the business side of Higher Ed."

In addition to TACRAO, Jerry has also served and participated in AACRAO and SACRAO. Jerry retired in January of this year but couldn't stay away and is working a couple of days a week now at UTHSC-Houston and I quote, "I haven't put in an 8-hour day, yet!" Of course, Jerry told me that as he was headed to Colorado for two weeks.

Jerry has been married to Beverly for 37 years and has two daughters, Amy Woods and Kelly McGauhey. They have two grandsons, Jackson who is 3 and Luke, who is 9 and 1/2 months.

Jerry, on behalf of TACRAO, we would like to extend our congratulations and honor you with Honorary Membership.