Joe Papari

President's Award
Southern Methodist University

TACRAO is an all-volunteer organization, made up of individuals consistently busy in their real jobs. Some volunteer to help with TACRAO. Many could not rationally decide that they have extra time which they need to find a way to spend. However, when asked to perform a service for TACRAO, they not only agree to take it on as an overload - they perform admirably at the accepted position. These are the unsung heroes of TACRAO, and they are the lifeblood of the organization.

Please don't expect me to sing about him, but Southern Methodist University's Joe Papari is such an individual. Whether he volunteered or was voluntold, he assisted me with a series of AACRAO PC workshops in the late 80's. He later succeeded me as SACRAO Treasurer after I nominated him for the job.. I have asked him to present sessions, moderate sessions, and serve on committees, and the answer has always been yes. I have seen his presentations and have found that, like many other TACRAOans who seem to fly under the radar, he has many extremely helpful experiences to share, and he presents them is a very professional way. I have followed up with detailed questions to Joe, and these discussions have saved my own institution thousands of dollars and hours.

It may not be a coincidence that Joe works at SMU, where John Hall has encouraged his staff to be involved and to assist others. Chuck Kettlewell and Gretchen Voight are others who come to mind for their service to TACRAO, and there are more, but I'll stop there. A recent analysis of this TACRAO conference revealed that SMU is involved in more TACRAO session presentations than any other school. You will also see SMU responses to queries posted on the TACRAO listserv. So thank you to John Hall as well, for allowing Joe and others to share their expertise for the benefit of TACRAO.

We are all competitors, but there is an incredible amount of willingness to share ideas which improve the delivery of higher education in Texas. Joe Papari embodies this willingness, and I am happy to present him with the 2010 TACRAO President's Award

Dave Stones, TACRAO President