John Hall

Honorary Membership
Southern Methodist University

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest TACRAO Honorary Member for 2020, Mr. John Hall.

John started at Southern Methodist University as a freshman in 1967. He likes to say, once he arrived at the University, he never left! John received his BBA, MLA, and MBA all from SMU.

John began his career in the Registrar's Office as a student worker his freshman year. When he graduated, he was offered a position as manager of records by then registrar, Donald Renner. After working several jobs in the office, in 1977 when Renner retired, John assumed the role of registrar. John proudly boasts that he has had only one employer. Wow! Over 50 years at one institution!

John is the recipient of the "M" Award, the highly-prized recognition bestowed upon students, faculty, staff and administrators on the SMU Campus. On his retirement earlier this year, the SMU Board of Trustees honored him with the SMU Board of Trustees Distinguished Service Award.

In his 50-year career John has consistently been a contributor to TACRAO ever since attending his first annual meeting in 1973 at the Dallas Hilton Inn. John regularly presents at TACRAO conferences. He has served on and chaired numerous programs and standing committees. He has served on four nominations committees, chairing one of them. He has worked on five TACRAO LACs, and co-chaired 2 LAC's.

John was TACRAO president in 1987 when the annual meeting was at the St. Anthony Intercontinental Hotel in San Antonio. There, TACRAO offered the first ever pre-conference workshop, "How to Develop a Service Management Program for your Institution." There was record-breaking attendance and vendor participation, which is somewhat ironic in that John and Budge Mabry, LAC chair, had to scramble to find a replacement hotel when the original hotel closed.

John is a TACRAO President's Award recipient and he loves to mentor individuals new to the higher education profession. He has nurtured and mentored countless professionals who have follow in his big footsteps, including two TACRAO presidents and two TACRAO President's Award winners.

Bobby Lothringer, TACRAO President, says, "If there were a Mount Rushmore for TACRAO, or for the entire Registrar profession, John Hall would be the first one on it."

John has been equally active in SACRAO and served on the executive committee in various roles for 7 years and as SACRAO president in 2008 when the meeting was in Williamsburg, VA. He has regularly presented at AACRAO and served on and chaired AACRAO committees many times, including serving on 3 nomination committees. John has been awarded honorary lifetime membership from SACRAO and AACRAO as well.

John takes great pride in his family. He met his wife Cheryl, a business columnist for the "Dallas Morning News", on a blind date to an SMU basketball game his sophomore year. They married in 1972. Their daughter, Katelyn, continued the family legacy at SMU, graduating with a bachelor's degree in 2015 and a master's in 2017. She currently works as Director of Annual Giving for Teach for America DFW. Cheryl and Katelyn have both given their time, efforts, and talents in education to SMU and to TACRAO by sharing John with us.

For his service to higher education, and to TACRAO, I am pleased to recognize Mr. John Hall as TACRAO Honorary Member 2020.