Juan Torres

Honorary Membership
Tarrant County College Southeast Campus

Juan Torres is a native born Tejano who was born, raised and grew up in South Texas, Mission, hometown of Tom Landry, best Coach the Dallas Cowboys have ever had!

Juan took a sabbatical from education between high school and college to do two tours in sunny, tropical paradise called Vietnam in late 60's and early 70's.

Returning from Vietnam, he enrolled and graduated from Pan American University, now UT-Rio Grande Valley and did 9 years as a caseworker for the Texas Department of Health and Human Services. In1983 he accepted a position with Pan American as assistant director of financial aid.

He went on to hold the following positions:1987-89, admissions/financial aid officer, McAllen extension of TSTI-Harlingen, prior to this campus becoming South Texas College; 1989-2000 Mountain View College, Director of Admissions/Registrar; 2000-August 31, 2016, Registrar at Tarrant County College, SE Campus, in Arlington.

Juan is married to Beth Torres. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Since retiring he tries to play golf as often as he can, works out at local gym, and hangs out at American Legion Hall every so often. It is our pleasure to offer honorary membership in TACRAO to Juan Torres.