Patrick Miller

Honorary Membership
Texas Christian University

Our next recipient of TACRAO Honorary Membership is someone near & dear to me.

I have had the good fortune and pleasure to work with, and for, Patrick Miller for many years.

He has been described as one of the most respected and respectful professionals in our business. He is known for his careful and considered opinions on issues, for being a good listener, and one who understands that there are often a variety of perspectives to an issue.

Pat knows that the work that a registrar's staff does to support of each university's mission is vital, and to support that work, he was always willing to help other institutions within TACRAO, sharing what he knew, and yes, admitting what he didn't know.

Pat is also described as colorful, which is great, perhaps even unusual, for a Registrar, but there is hard work and solid substance behind the external image. Even though Pat has never served on the TACRAO Executive Committee as an officer, he is widely considered a leader in our profession, and he has been active on committees for TACRAO, SACRAO, and AACRAO.

Pat has been a mentor, and more importantly, a friend, to many of us, both in TACRAO, and in our profession as a whole. He has always offered good counsel and sage advice, and always encouraged folks to grow, and learn. Personally, he has always been supportive and made it possible for me to be as involved in the professional associations as I wished to be.

Pat, it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce you as a new TACRAO Honorary Member.