Shelby Stanfield

Honorary Membership
University of Texas - Austin

I am honored to be able to recognize Shelby Stanfield with Honorary Membership in TACRAO

After earning BA and MBA (or maybe it was a MA) at UT and doing set-up for U2 and other bands at concert venues, he joined the administrative programming team at UT Austin.

By the early 90's, he was a programmer analyst in the Student Systems group, serving Registrar, Admissions, and a bunch more. While there, he made a point to learn not just his own areas of responsibilities, but all others as well, getting the big picture.

Starting with TACRAO, SACRAO, and MOSIS, he also learned the external side by moderating, presenting, serving on committees, and getting to know all the right people.

He was a part of the technical team that created SPEEDE (Standardization of Postsecondary Education Electronic Data Exchange) Server and when the UT Austin SIS group was asked to develop the APPLY Texas site, he took a leading role in making that work.

In 2000, he was an easy choice for Director of Student Information Systems, and a few years later, University Registrar.

In TACRAO, he took over the Technology Committee chairmanship when Dave left UT Austin in 2000, worked on numerous LAC committees, and served on other committee positions, most notably the Legislative Issues where he kept TACRAO members informed of what was coming legislatively to higher education for many years.

Perhaps more important, he supported active participation by UT Austin staff.

He also served SACRAO - as presenter, committee chair, VP, and President, and was a frequent contributor on the Resolutions Committee.

His AACRAO responsibilities included committee work and participation in important national and international projects, often involving international travel.

He also worked with Educational Testing Services (ETS) TOEFL Technology Committee and the Foreign Credential Services of America.

He served on the Board of the Student Clearinghouse and today, he continues serving higher education as director, service innovation networks with the National Student Clearinghouse.

It is my pleasure to recognize Shelby Stanfield with TACRAO Honorary Membership.