Suzanne Carter

Honorary Membership
Tarrant County College

Suzanne joined Tarrant County College working in a program that served Viet Nam veterans. Over the next 42 years, she served Tarrant County as an Assistant Director of Admissions, Registrar, Director of Admissions and finally as the Director of Academic Support Services.

Suzanne's service to TACRAO is just as wide-ranging. She served on and Chaired Program Committees for our Annual Conference, presented at numerous conferences and Served on several Standing Committees. Most notably, the Auditing Committee from 2001 to 2004 and the Community College Issues Committee, which she chaired in 2001 and on the Strategic Enrollment Management from 2005 to 2008. Suzanne served on the Executive Council and held the title of President in 1997-98 and presided over our conference in College Station.

Suzanne's most valuable contributions to TACRAO have been through her service as our representative to several Coordinating Board Committees, most notably - $1,000 Rebate for Graduates program, Core Curriculum, the ACGM and WECM. She has also represented us for the past 10 years on the Texas Common Course Numbering System and has served as Chair of the Board for the past five. She has long been an advocate for TACRAO and Higher Education in the State of Texas.

Suzanne was as passionate as anyone when it came to the issues that faced the institutions of Higher Education within our state. As one nominator said - it was always worth attending the summer meetings to watch Suzanne and Daryle Hendry hold the Coordinating Board representative's feet to the fire on any given issue or policy. "Suzanne was as prepared and knowledgeable on the issues facing our state as anyone in the room. Including the Coordinating Board."

John Hall and Dave Stones both recollected that the College Station TACRAO may have been Suzanne's greatest accomplishment. At least from the standpoint that she was President and, then husband, Don was the LAC. As Dave put it - Both survived it, as did the meeting.

Asked to comment on she felt about her time in TACRAO - Don't know what else to say... I loved every minute of it! But... I love retirement also! Suzanne, on behalf of TACRAO, we would like to extend our congratulations and honor you with Honorary Membership.