SMU Risk Assistant

Office of Police and Risk Management (OPRM)

ORM offers a broad Enterprise Risk Management philosophy consistent with the University's mission and which addresses traditional risk as well as emerging issues.  From contracts to property insurance, travel to cyber security risk, our Enterprise philosophy approach encompasses the latest business intelligence technologies to assess liability, recommend controls, or implement mitigation measures to manage risk nationally and internationally.

  • Property and Casualty Claims Management
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Emergency Management and Business Continuity
  • Fire Safety
  • Workers' Compensation

Click the link to view the Emergency Guide for the University.


Visit the Risk Management website for additional information about their services, training, or programs. You will find a link in the Helpful Links section.

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Did You Know

Did You Know?

RISK MANAGEMENT coordinates SMU's Homeland Security planning, training/exercises, and evaluations. Employees are involved in this effort through building site exercises that test our ability to evacuate, shelter-in-place, and lock down a building, during an emergency.

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Property and Casualty Claims Management


Environmental Health and Safety


Emergency Management
and Business Continuity


Fire Safety


Workers' Compensation