How To Create A Podcast.

The following is intended primarily for faculty, but can be adapted for non-classroom related purposes.

In an ideal world, every campus classroom would make it as easy to record a Coursecast as clicking two buttons, one that would start recording and the other that would stop recording and automatically put the recording online. (As long as we are speaking ideally, a third button would assure that your students listen to and absorbed the material.)

Podcasting KitOptions

But until that happens, here are your options.

1) Faculty can request a short term loan from Academic Computing of a course casting kit. These kits will initially consist of a video iPod, an attached microphone, an optional lapel microphone, and software. For longer term use, faculty should consider applying for a Provost/TTG or President Partners' grant.

To create a Podcast or Coursecast of a class:

(Most faculty will want to restrict Coursecasts to students currently in their courses. SMU's Blackboard Course Management System is a good solution although many websites, such as, can be password protected.)

If you really get into making Coursecasts, especially from your office or other non-classroom location, you may want to invest in a better microphone and more professional setup. Academic Computing can give you advice on equipment and software. One good option is the free Audacity software.

2) Even if you don't normally record your courses, for individual events (e.g., guest lecturers), faculty can arrange with the Norwick Center for Media & Instructional Technology for recording (fee-based service). Departments and schools can make special arrangements with CMIT for recording multiple courses.

3) In the future, high-use classrooms may be podcasting ready. We plan to create a shared drive especially for faculty to use for transferring coursecasts from the classroom.


Regardless of which option you choose, here are some suggestions:


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