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Composer or Arranger

Chris Ray


As a young man with a passion for music, I have been surrounded by opportunities to express myself and to learn the various crafts that I utilize today. I was a late bloomer of sorts and I didn'...See more

Jordan Cortez Wartell

Hello! I am a composer and violinist who has written music for solo instruments up to full orchestral works. I have had the privilege to compose, conduct, and perform three pieces of music for my high...See more

J. Aaron Stanley


I am a graduate composer, arranger, and songwriter with years of professional experience.

As a composer, I've written for chamber ensembles to full symphony orchestra. I've also compo...See more

Nicolas Farmer


My name is Nicolas Farmer and I’m a music composition student at SMU Meadows in Dallas. Originally from College Station, Texas, I also play horn and have performed in various weddings and church ...See more

Allison Simpkins


Allison Simpkins is a freelance composer and pianist dedicated to her life as a musician. Throughout her education as an undergraduate music composition major at Southern Methodist University, she ...See more