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Katherine Spellmon


Hello! My name is Katherine Spellmon and I am a soprano studying with Barbara Hill Moore at SMU. Having grown up in a military family, I have been fortunate to live around the United States and Eur...See more



Bomethius is the lo-fi baroque pop alias of Jonathan Hodges, a Dallas-based composer and multi-instrumentalist. Mostly self-taught, Hodges handles the guitar and piano with skill but truly excels w...See more

Claire Dillahunty


Ever since I was five years old and started taking piano lessons, music has been an enormous part of who I am. Teacher after teacher showed me not only the beauty of working hard but actually expan...See more

Kate Ranallo


I have a large musical theater background and am always available for performances. I have also have a background in choral music and liturgical music. I am available to cantor at church services a...See more

Stephanie Cham


Stephanie, or Stephi, lives a life shaped by the arts and her passion for sharing and listening to stories. She offers services in piano accompaniment, piano performance, solo and ensemble vocal pe...See more

Joram Alford


I am a master's student at SMU studying Vocal Performance, training as a Baritone under Virginia Dupuy. I have been refining my vocal skills for about 7 years at the collegiate level, singing in tw...See more

Matthew Corcoran

AD or PD

Hi everyone,

My name is Matt Corcoran and I'm a new PD Tenor studying with Clifton Forbis. I'm originally from Boston, MA and I am an active performer and voice teacher. I received my ...See more

Caroline Booth


Music has been my rock, my inspiration, and my constant source of direction throughout my life. I started out singing in my church choir in elementary school and quickly fell in love with performin...See more

Tereska Grynia

AD or PD

Tereska Grynia, born in Cracow, Poland. She began her music education at age 6 choosing violin as her major instrument. She holds a Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degree from University of Georgi...See more

Jonathan Hodges


Jonathan Hodges has been studying music for the past 17 years. His main course of study has primarily concerned the violin, with intense self instruction in piano, voice, and guitar over the past f...See more

Roberto Reyna


As a baritone vocalist, I specialize in classical repertoire. I am also able to perform contemporary repertoire and different genres such as jazz and musical pieces. I love to perform in front of a...See more

Nicole Daniels


Nicole Daniels is a classical vocalist, musical theatre actress, and singer-songwriter who is currently studying vocal performance under Dale Dietert at Southern Methodist University. Nicole is a ...See more

Untroubled Bridges and a Better Musical Experience

Hello, my name is Sebastian Poorman. I chose to study performance in college and want to make a career in preforming, teaching, or something that involves a lot of music because I have been told tha...See more

Amy Tippin


Hello! My name is Amy Tippin and I am from Kansas City, Missouri. I am studying Vocal Performance and Chemistry with a Pre-Med track here at SMU! I love singing and science, so I decided to combine...See more

Untroubled Bridges and a Better Musician Experience

My name is Sebastian Poorman and I am studying Vocal Performance at Southern Methodist University. I have been listening to and preforming music for as long as I can remember and have grown so much in...See more

Alissa Roca

AD or PD

Alissa Roca, Soprano, enjoys performing in a variety of styles ranging from Baroque to Contemporary and everything in between (yes, that includes musical theater!). She graduated with a Master of M...See more