Adele Carter

Music: Ensembles (Classical and Chamber Ensemble)

About this creative

I began playing the viola eight years ago through my school's elementary orchestra. At first, I simply enjoyed playing it along with the other students. However, my life changed when my conductor pulled me aside and saw talent in my playing. She encouraged me to pursue my passion for the viola, and explore the musical opportunities available to me. Since that moment, music has changed me completely. I was a part of both my high school's regular and chamber orchestra, as well as the Tri-M Music Honors Society, in which I taught music to young children. I have also been a part of Connecticut's Western Regional Orchestra, the Minnesota Youth Symphonies, and the Norwalk Youth Symphony. With the Norwalk Youth Symphony, I have toured and playing in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, as well as Tanglewood and Carnegie Hall. I was also selected for the New York Summer Music Festival in 2014 and 2015 to both perform and help younger musicians learn music. I have a passion for playing the viola and creating and shaping music in my own image. I can perform solo, and I also have much experience playing in small ensembles, quartets, trios, and quintets.