Allison Simpkins

Music: Solo Artists (Piano and Keyboard)

About this creative

Allison Simpkins is a freelance composer and pianist dedicated to her life as a musician. Throughout her education as an undergraduate music composition major at Southern Methodist University, she has pursued a career as an accompanist, composer, and teacher, earning positions such as music director for several student-run musical theater productions and principal piano/celeste for the Meadows Symphony Orchestra.

In her ten years of experience, Allison has both performed as a solo pianist and accepted commissions for compositions - inducing for film and for dance - and looks forward to continuing her work in Dallas, Texas. As a dedicated and hardworking student, Allison has let nothing get in the way of her goal of becoming a professional musician. With her passion and love of her craft, Allison is committed to a lifelong learning experience and is excited for the opportunities that Dallas will present her.

She is currently available to take commissions and various piano gigs, as well as tutor and teach music theory, composition, and piano.