Anu Uranchimeg

Music: Solo Artists (Piano and Keyboard)

About this creative

Anu Uranchimeg is a classical pianist, whose entire life has been connected with music. She has been playing piano for 18 years. She has been taught with both Russian classical music training and American musical training. Originally from Mongolia, Anu attended one of the most prestigious music schools in Mongolia called Mongolian Music and Dance Conservatory since she was 5 years old until 2012. Anu is currently a second-year graduate student at Southern Methodist University, where she studies with pianist Alfred Mouledous.

Anu has been performing internationally, also received prizes and honors from international competitions since she was 7 years old. Anu has performed at the Unesco Theatre in Paris, France; Conservatory of Music in Geneva, Switzerland; Passionskirche Cathedral in Berlin, Germany; Washington Pavillion in Sioux Falls, SD; Mongolian State Opera House and Mongolian State Philharmonic. She has performed as a soloist many times with orchestras such as Mongolian State Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Mongolian State Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Mongolian Music and Dance Conservatory Orchestra and Augustana University Orchestra. Anu has wide experiences in performing in public, teaching piano, accompanying singers and instrumentalists, also serving as an orchestral pianist. Anu loves making beautiful music and sharing it with others.