Music: Ensembles (Classical and Chamber Ensemble,Folk and World Ensemble)

About this creative

I'm a performer first and foremost; I can provide my expertise on clarinet, I will lend my ear to production quality control, and I provide my insight on music with my vast knowledge in regards to classical repertoire as well as the theory behind what we listen to. I have experience with Ableton and FL studio since I'm a producer. I taught myself most of the software's in's and outs and I have my own midi keyboard for input. Along with my classical and technical training, I also have a keen ear for interesting sounds and I can delineate between what sounds good and what does not. Other outlets of services I can provide include dancing/choreography and good company, I understand how to work well with others. I've been around so many different groups of people from engineers to businessmen to musicians to actors to models, you name it; this experience has taught me the difference between the times to joke around and when we have to be serious.