Chris Ray

Music: Composer or Arranger

About this creative

As a young man with a passion for music, I have been surrounded by opportunities to express myself and to learn the various crafts that I utilize today. I was a late bloomer of sorts and I didn't discover my talent for music and composing until middle school. As I moved on to high school I began to explore not just my own craft, but more of music in general, especially jazz. It was in my high school jazz band that I began to develop multiple musical abilities and bring them together. I composed big band charts, taught them to the ensemble myself, and would either conduct them or play alongside the band when possible. It is this set of experiences that led me to become the Student Coordinator of Fine Arts at Berkner High School and is what led me to teach at Richland College as an intern and instructor. My services include: composing any style of music for any type of ensemble, conducting, performing as a pianist/vocalist in either a classical or jazz setting, private lessons in piano/jazz piano, voice, theory, improvisation, and composition, and providing my personal jazz trio for any type of public or private event.