Music: Private Teachers (Strings)

About this creative

Growing up in Plano, one of the most musically competitive areas in Texas, I was lucky to be taught by some of the most skilled musicians in the state including Daniel Nix, Gudrun Raschen, Brian Perry, and even work with world-renowned bassist, Jeff Bradetich.

The impact these teachers had on my life and bass skills is incredible, and their influence have a direct link to my accomplishments of being a 5-year GDYO member, 3-year All State musician, and 6-year All Region musician.

Despite the high success I've had in music there's one thing I really struggled with: being a musician.

Participating in a competitive music environment like the one North Texas is known for creates a mentality among students that being a musician means defining yourself by your achievements. This mindset causes music to become a means to an end.

Because I experienced the pitfalls of this mentality firsthand, I ensure that students become musicians first and bassists second. With my personal experience of what's expected of musicians in the DFW area, I'm well equipped and happy to prepare students for what they will encounter whether it be in auditions, performances, and more.