Christopher Sykora

Music: Private Teachers (Strings)

About this creative

I am a Violist, a Music Education student, and an educator. I've been playing Viola for 8 years now, and I've been teaching for the last three. At SMU I've been expanding my musicianship and artistic capabilities greatly, and I'm excited to share them with the world. I love taking music to places and people unfamiliar with it. I'd love to take any opportunity thrown my way to disseminate music, or educate people about what makes it so special! My primary interest and passion is teaching, but I love performing as well. I'm available for music lessons, tutoring, church gigs, performing at weddings, and performing anywhere else, really. If you have a specific request about venue, performance, or anything else - feel free to contact me! More often than not we can get it worked out, and I really enjoy oddball-gigs. I'll leave you with my modus operandi: "Music begins where the possibilities of language end". -Jean Sibelius (But don't say that to a singer)