Danny Jordan

Music: Private Teachers (Strings)

About this creative

I picked up my first viola at the age of eleven. I haven't stopped playing since. Music is my passion. It is the one thing in my life to which I have been able to dedicate myself. Music picks up where words trail off, says things that cannot be said. I can honestly say that being a musician has saved my life on more occasions that one. With this love of music comes the desire to share my love with the world. I want to teach and to perform -- share my craft with the world. I teach violin and viola lessons privately and perform in orchestras, chamber ensembles, and as a soloist, and i do so in order to help share my art with the wold around me in order to create a wider appreciation for the arts in general, but especially classical music. I have found such joy in the world of classical music and all that I want to do in my lifetime is share that joy with others.